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Sweetie – A “Sweet” Memory from my Wonderful Navy Days

Sweet Memory from my Wonderful Navy Days

Sweet Memories of Sweetie

“Have you seen Sweetie...?” Colonel “P” asked me.

“No, Sir...” I said.

“I don’t know where she has gone. The Dean wants to meet her and I just can’t find her anywhere...” the Colonel said.

“Don’t worry, Sir – I’ll find her and bring her to you...” I said.

The Colonel returned to the senior officers’ group.

I started walking down to the boat jetty.

This happened 32 years ago, in the mid 1980’s, in a lovely place called IAT nestled in the hills of Girinagar near the city of Pune.

It was one of those Sunday morning get-togethers for officers and families at the Naval Bay on the banks of Khadakwasla lake.

It was a verdant and picturesque place, with shady trees, lush green lawns and abundance of flora alongside the cool blue waters of the lake – an ideal setting for a picnic on a bright winter morning.

“Hey, you guys, have you seen the Colonel’s daughter...?” I asked some Sub Lieutenants  student officers – who were walking up from the boat jetty.

“The Colonel’s daughter...? Sir, I thought the D of S (Army) had two sons...” one of them said.

“No. No. Not the outgoing Colonel. I am talking of the newly arrived Colonel  Colonel “P”. He has a small daughter – she must be around 3 years old – her name is Sweetie – I had seen her playing on the lawns up there – and now she is not there – and the Colonel is worried...” I said.

“Is she a 3 year old girl, Sir...? I think she has gone for a boat ride. I saw Sub Lieutenant “X” getting into the boat with a small girl in his arms...” one of the officers said.

“Are you sure...?” I asked.

“Yes, Sir  I am quite sure...” he said.

Then, another officer said: “Sir  I will get the binoculars from the boat shed  then we can see clearly.”

I looked through the binoculars.

The boat was moving slowly across the Khadakwasla lake.

I could clearly see Sweetie.

Sweetie was sitting on the Sub Lieutenant’s lap  and he was holding her tight.

I walked up to the lawns and I reported to the Colonel: “Don’t worry, Sir  Sweetie is safe and sound.”

“But where is Sweetie...?” asked Colonel “P”, looking anxious.

“She is enjoying a boat ride...” I said.

“Sweetie has gone for a boat ride...? How is that possible...? Sweetie does not know how to swim. Sweetie is so scared of water. I wonder how she got into the boat...?” the Colonel asked.

“Sir  Sub Lieutenant “X” picked her up in her arms…” I said.

“What...? A Sub Lieutenant took Sweetie in his arms...?” the Colonel said, looking worried.

“Don’t worry, Sir  I myself checked up through the binoculars – Sweetie is sitting on the Sub Lieutenant’s lap  and  he is holding onto her tightly...” I said.

“What...? Sweetie is sitting on a Sub Lieutenant’s lap...?” the Colonel exclaimed, looking flabbergasted.

Then  as if in a daze – Colonel “P” broke off from the gathering.

And  we saw Colonel “P” running down towards the boat jetty.

“What’s wrong with the Colonel...? Why is he so hyper...?” someone asked.

“Maybe  it is because Colonel “P” has just got one daughter – Sweetie is his only child. And that too  so late in life. He’s got a kid after the age of 40 – maybe that’s why he is so possessive and over protective...” I reasoned.

We sipped our beer.

A few moments later  we saw Commander “M” emerge from the woods with a ravishing beauty – yes – the woman was really beautiful. 

I just could not take my eyes off the gorgeous lady.

The beautiful lady looked quite flushed – and – she smiled and said to us: “Hello, Navy Boys – you have got a lovely place here – your Commander just took me for an exciting trek on the banks of the lake...” 

“Good morning, Ma’am...” we said.

“Oh  I forgot to introduce myself  or rather  your Commander forgot to introduce me...” she said, looking at Commander “M”.

The Commander looked embarrassed and he started to speak.

But before he could say anything  the beautiful woman looked at me.

The beautiful woman proffered her hand and she said to me: My name is Sweetie...”

“Sweetie...?” I exclaimed, looking shocked and dumbfounded.

“Why...? You don’t like my name...? Can’t my name be Sweetie...? Am I not sweet...?” she joked, smiling flirtatiously.

“No, Ma’am. Yes, Ma’am…” I fumbled in embarrassment.

“Hey, please don’t call me Ma’am...” she said.

“Okay, Mrs “P”...” I said.

Mrs “P”...? That’s even worse  I don’t like to be called Mrs “P” either – and  for heaven’s sake  please don’t call me Mrs Colonel like someone once did...” she laughed vivaciously.

Then Sweetie looked into my eyes and she said to me: “You are my age – so just call me Sweetie.”

“Okay – Sweetie...” I said, trying to recover my wits.

“Hey  what happened – why are you looking so lost...?” Sweetie asked me.

I thought ‘Sweetie’ was your daughter’s name...” I mumbled.

“What...? Forget all that – I’m feeling thirsty – I’m dying for a drink...” she said.

I got her a drink. 

We talked. 

We sipped our drinks. 

Sweetie was really sweet and I enjoyed her company.

Suddenly  Sweetie looked beyond my shoulder  and then  she said: “Ah  there comes my boring husband. He seems to be looking quite grumpy.”

I turned around and I followed her gaze.

Colonel “P” was trudging up the slopes  holding his 3 year old daughter in his arms.

As Colonel “P” approached  I could see that the Colonel was giving me quite a ferocious look.

So  I quickly excused myself from Sweetie – and  I left the scene before the arrival of her husband  the furious Colonel “P”.


I looked at Colonel “P” and his wife Sweetie.

What a contrasting couple – a grumpy old husband and a bubbly youthful wife.

During my long Navy career – I met many such mismatched couples.

And – I have always wondered:

“How come the Grouchy ‘Old Fogeys always got the most Beautiful Vivacious Youthful Wives...?

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