Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Minerva Moment – A Haiku


I feel quite sad 
– when I see so many individuals addicted to things like tobacco and alcohol. 

I know a doctor who smokes. 

He knows that smoking is injurious to health  but he just cannot stop smoking.

Another acquaintance of mine who is showing signs of becoming alcohol dependent just cannot quit drinking 
 despite everyone telling him that if he does not quit drinking alcohol – he soon maybe on the road to alcoholism.

There are some individuals who are addicted to gambling.

But they cannot stop gambling  though they know that gambling can ruin their lives. 

It is frequently reported on TV that drug addition is on the rise too.

There are so many bad habits, vices and addictions.

Conquering an Addiction is like attaining Freedom from Bondage.

I quit smoking and drinking 15 years ago 
– in the year 2002. 

For many years now 
 every year, on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day (31 May)  I re-post a self help article I had written long back titled HOW TO QUIT SMOKING – in which I describe how I quit smoking and give a simple 3 step technique to quit smoking forever which is breathtaking in its simplicity.

In case you want to read this self help article on HOW TO QUIT SMOKING just click the url link given below:-

(I have also given the link at the end of the post for your convenience – the link will open in a new window  so you can continue reading this post first and then go on to the article) 

But before you read that blog post 
 please read the Haiku below  titled My Minerva Moment – a Haiku I wrote many years ago  to celebrate the moment I quit smoking  and  to describe my freedom from the bondage of smoke rings.

smoke rings
chains of bondage
like handcuffs

fresh breeze
smoke rings dissolve
I am free

Oh Yes  Dear Reader  this is exactly what I felt like when I freed myself from the smoking habit – conquering an addiction is like freedom from bondage.

Now please click the link below to read about the Three Stage Technique on How to Quit Smoking

You can use this de-addiction technique to conquer other addictions as well.

Do comment and tell me if you liked the Haiku and the self help article.

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