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Love Triangle – Solved – QED

Story of a Possessive Husband, an Unfaithful Wife and her Shrewd Lover 
Adult Short Fiction – A Love Story

LOVE TRIANGLE – SOLVED – QED : Fiction Story by Vikram Karve

“Elope? You want us to elope?” I ask.

“Yes. That’s why I have got my bag with me,” she says.

“But where do you want to go?”

“Take me to your place. I will stay with you.”

“How can you stay with me? You are married to someone else.”

“I don’t care. I cannot live with my husband any longer. I am moving in with you.”

“You can’t just move in with me. I told you that. You also know that my parents are coming to spend a week with me in Pune.”

“But you have told your parents about me  haven’t you?”


“And your parents have agreed …”

“Yes. They have agreed to meet you. But only after you divorce your husband. And let me make one thing quite clear. My parents are quite orthodox. They will never accept a live-in relationship. According to them  living together without being married is called living in sin’...” 

She looks at me angrily and says:

“What are you saying...? 

Living in Sin’...


That’s funny. 

If we have a clandestine love affair in secret  it is okay. 

But – if we live openly together  it becomes Sin.” 

She seems angry.

I want to reason with her – so I say: 

“Let’s not argue about this. You know that you will first have to divorce your husband – before you can even think of marrying me.”

“He refused point blank. My husband told me that he will never give me a divorce.”

“You asked him?”



“This morning. Before he left for Mumbai.”


“He is catching the afternoon flight to Singapore.”

Singapore? You never told me that your husband was going to Singapore.”

“I did not know till late last night. He said he got a call yesterday evening. It is about some good job offer in Singapore. They called him over for an interview immediately. He is confident he will get the job. He says that the interview is a mere formality – just to negotiate his pay, perks etc.” 

“Oh? So  he will be moving to Singapore.”

“Not he alone – WE – both my husband and me – both of us will be moving to Singapore – he said that I was to go along with him to Singapore too – so even I will have to move to Singapore along with my husband.”

“But what about your job?”

“He said that he will arrange with my company to transfer me to our Singapore office. He said that if my company does not transfer me to Singapore  the he will get me a good job in Singapore. He told me he has enough clout in the IT industry.”

“Of course your husband has big clout in the industry – he is quite a big shot. That is why I am so scared. If he finds out about us  he will have me thrown out my job. He will ruin my career.”

“So you have chickened out?”


“Oh, yes – you have chickened out. You are not the same any more. What happened to all that talk about how much you love me – your promises that you would do anything for me. You have had your fun with me  and now when the time has come to do something  you want to run away from a commitment.”

“I am not running away from my commitment. I promise I will marry you. I will convince my parents. But first  you will have to divorce your husband. You talk to him. I am sure everything will work out.”

“Nothing is going to work out. Do you know what he said when I asked him for a divorce this morning?”

“What happened?”

“He blew up into a terrible rage. He told me that I would get divorce over his dead body. And then …”

“And then?”

“He brutally raped me. Like always. He is so rough with me, so brutal. He is a filthy pervert, a cruel sadist. Nowadays he gets rough, very rough, he tries to …” – she starts crying, and then, she sobs, and she says – “… he did it this morning too. It is so disgusting, so painful, so terrible – I think I am still bleeding down there even now. I cannot bear it any longer. His violent sadism is getting worse and worse. I cannot live with him for a single moment longer. If you don’t take me with you  the only way I can get out of this hell is to kill myself  I will commit suicide.”

“Please. Don’t cry. Let’s go to a doctor first.”

“I don’t want to to a doctor. It is very embarrassing. It is easier for me to suffer the pain than bear the shame.”

“Listen. I know a lady doctor. You can tell her everything. She is very nice and she won’t tell anybody. I will take the day off. You ring up your office too. We will go to the doctor now. And then I will take you home.”

“I can stay with you?”

“Till the evening. Then you can go and live with your folks for a few days. Meanwhile we will think of something.”

“Folks? I have no folks, no family – I am a bloody orphan.”

“Don’t say that. I know that your parents are divorced. But you are not an orphan.”

“I don’t even know where my father is – he left 20 years ago  when I was just 5 years old. And my mother – she got married to this horrible man – my so-called stepfather. Lecherous bastard. He always had his eyes on me. He tried to … he did … so many times. And he kept threatening me … that he would throw us out of the house … I could not tell anyone … no one would believe me. Outwardly  my stepfather looked like a respectable gentleman – just like my husband. Those days were terrible. I just hate him. I am still so scared of him. It is to escape from him that I got so hurriedly married to the first boy I saw. I never imagined I would land up in a worse situation. I jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Now you listen to me – I am telling you for the last time – we have to elope today – if you ditch me – I will commit suicide.”

“Don’t say that. Something will work out. We will find some solution to the problem.”

“Solution...? There is no solution to my problem. My husband won’t give me a divorce. You won’t take me into your home till I am divorced. For me – it is a “Dead End”...”

Suddenly  someone turns up the volume on the TV in the Coffee Shop.

They all look at the TV screen.

There is a Breaking News.

There has been a terrible accident on the Pune Mumbai Expressway.

They show visuals of a mangled car smashed into a truck.

The news-reporter is saying excitedly: 

“… the speeding taxi lost control, jumped over the road divider and crashed into an oncoming truck. The driver of the taxi miraculously escaped with injuries  but the passenger  a renowned Software Engineer  was killed – and he died instantly. The name of the Software Engineer who lost his life in the accident is …”

“Hey. See the TV. It is your husband. That is your husband’s name. Your husband died in the accident. Your husband is dead…” I say, stunned.

“Yes – it is husband’s name – they are saying that he has died in the accident...” she says, looking at the TV – her face expressionless. 

We sit in silence – watching the news of the terrible accident – in which her husband has been declared dead.

After a few moments – she lovingly takes my hand in hers – and she says to me: 

“It looks like the knotty problem has untangled itself – Yes – Love Triangle – Solved  QED.”

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Bibliotherapy – The Ladies’ Oracle – Guide on Matters of Love and Life

A Fascinating Book 


Reading can be fun. 

Reading can also be therapeutic. 

Bibliotherapy may be defined as the use of books to help people solve problems.

Yes  you can benefit from bibliotherapy – use books to solve issues that you may be facing at a particular time  

Many of us use bibliotherapy without realizing it. 

Reading is ameliorative in nature – and – an enjoyable read always cheers you up  and puts you in a good mood.

Whenever I am in a blue mood  I browse through my bookshelves and pick up a good book.  

For me  reading is the greatest of all joys.

The moment I start reading a book  I enter a different world  and this change of environment has a positive effect on my mood and emotion  and lo and behold  my spirits are uplifted. 

Those who do not have the habit of reading remain imprisoned in their moods and immediate surroundings.

I have just picked up a delightful little book called  “The Ladies Oracle”  by Cornelius Agrippa from my bookcase.

Here is a picture of title page of the book: 


THE LADIES’ ORACLE By Cornelius Agrippa  

Let me tell you about this intriguing book The Ladies’ Oracle 

You will see how this book will amuse you – cheer you up – and lifts your spirits too – an ideal book for BIBLIOTHERAPY

Whenever I buy a book  I write down the date and place of purchase on its first page. 

I have duly recorded that I bought The Ladies Oracle on 14 February 1989 on the pavement bookstalls opposite the Central Telegraph Office (CTO) near Hutatma Chowk (Flora Fountain) at Fort in Mumbai (then called Bombay).

I don’t remember what prompted me to buy The Ladies Oracle

Maybe to present it to my darling wife.

Or maybe  because there was no such book as “The Gentleman’s Oracle” – available at the pavement bookstall.

But that is not important now.

So  let’s talk more about this amusing little book.


Let’s get down to using this delightful oracle.

First choose a question from the ninety five listed in the book from pages (v) to (viii) numbered 5 to 100

(I wonder where the first five questions are?)

I select question number 35: – Shall I always enjoy good health...?

Now as per the the instructions, I turn to page (i), close my eyes and put my finger on the table of signs.

I open my eyes and see that I have placed my finger on the sign representing a single square.

Now I consult the table starting from page ten, follow the line marked by the number of the question (35th  line) till I arrive at the column which has the chosen sign over it, and this figure gives me the number of the page (74).

I open page 74 and look the sign traced by my finger ( a single square) and alongside it I find my answer: – You will always have joy, health and prosperity...!


I’m feeling good already. 

Bibliotherapy seems to be working.

Now the next question, number 15: – How many lovers shall I have...?

I follow the same earlier procedure as stipulated in the instructions and the Oracle gives me the answer: – A great many, but those that have so many generally choose the worst...!

Hey, I have to be careful in love…!!!

The next question, number 91: – What opinion has the world of me...?

The Oracle answers: – You are thought to have had more than one adventure...!

I wonder whether I have really sown my wild oats that much...?

Shall I be happy in love...? I ask next.

And the oracle says: – You will find more pain than pleasure...!
Oh, Dear…! 

I better steer clear of falling in love...!

So I ask: Will my reputation be always good...?

The oracle answers: It will always be as you make it...!
I must take care to build up a good reputation...!!!

Shall I go many long voyages...?

The oracle answers:

You will do well not to voyage farther than round your own room...!

That puts an end to all my travel plans...!

All I am going to do my entire life is go round and round in my room...!

What a gloomy answer...!

And  I thought browsing books was supposed to lift my spirits...!

Okay  just one last question  and the answer better be something good to cheer me up – or else  no more ‘bibliotherapy’ for me!

I select question number 74: – What is the person that I am thinking about doing at this moment...? 


the Oracle answers: – She regrets not being with you...!


My, My...! 

It seems to good to be true…! 

So I call her up.

She says in her sweet loving voice:

“What a coincidence. I was just thinking of you and the good times we had together – I wish you were here with me…”


Bibliotherapy really works.

I feel thrilled, jubilant, ecstatic, on cloud nine, in seventh heaven  and right on top of the world  as I rush off to surprise my beloved sweetheart.

And just imagine  I thought that she never even thought about me...! 

Looks like it is the end of what I thought was my one way unrequited love  and  the beginning of a new exciting romantic relationship. 

Yes, things are looking up…!!!

Long live The Ladies Oracle

Oh, Yes – The Ladies Oracle is a delightful little book you can consult from time to time on matters of love and life.

Believe me  you’ll enjoy reading and using this marvellous book.

It may be called The “Ladies” Oracle  but I feel that even men can consult it with satisfying results. 

Dear Reader  why don’t you try it out…?

I am sure you can easily get a copy of THE LADIES ORACLE online or at your bookstore.

It is delightfully entertaining reading  guaranteed to lift your spirits. 

I always carry this oracle in my pocket to enliven my moments of waiting – waiting at airports, railway stations, while travelling. 

Take it with you everywhere and you will never be bored. 

It is a small book  pocket-size  easy to carry everywhere. 

Get a copy of this interesting book – The Ladies Oracle 

By the way – while surfing the net – I discovered that The Ladies Oracle is available as a free download for your smartphone at the link ->

(Please do due diligence before you download – and – download and use the oracle at your own risk – and – just for fun)

Then just ask the questions you always wanted to ask  and enjoy the answers…!!!

Do tell us whether you found The Ladies’ Oracle useful in matters of love and life.

Long live Bibliotherapy 

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2. All stories in this blog are a work of fiction. Events, Places, Settings and Incidents narrated in the stories are a figment of my imagination. The characters do not exist and are purely imaginary. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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