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(Just for Fun)

DisclaimerThis is just for fun and is not to be taken seriously.

Most people say that my wife and I are the most incompatible couple they have ever met. 

Most of our friends and relatives wonder how we have managed to stay married together for over 31 years.

Even our children are surprised as to how two individuals with such contrasting temperaments can remain together for so long. 

The fact that my wife and I have lived together for over 31 years implies that, though outwardly it may not seem so, inwardly there must be some mysterious hidden compatibility between us. 

Sometimes, you have a fact before you that defies rational logic.

So you have to work backwards to try to find some reason to substantiate or “validate that fact.

I call this reverse logic or ex post facto justification. 

As I said, we, my wife and I, are the most incompatible couple.

Yet, our marriage had lasted for 31 years. 

Therefore, I had to find some reason for this.

That is why I took solace in numerology. 

And, hey presto, I was able to “prove that we, my wife and I, are indeed compatible.

Dear Reader: Have a look at the Pythagorean Numerology Table below.

Now let us use this numerological table.

Let’s calculate the numerological value of my name VIKRAM 

(4+9+2+9+1+4 = 29 = 2+9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2

My numerological value is 2.

Now let’s compute the numerological value of my wife’s name POORNIMA 

(7+6+6+9+5+9+4+1 = 47 = 4+7 = 11 = 1+1 = 2). 

Hey, my wife’s numerological value is also 2.

The numerological values of both our names is the same. 

My number is 2. 

My wife’s number is also 2. 


No wonder we are such a perfect match – at least from the numerology point of view.

Are you married? 

Are you planning to get married? 

Are you in love? 

Are you in a relationship? 

Are you dating someone? 

Just check out your mutual numerological compatibility. 

(Now you know what to do on your first date now, don’t you?)

Maybe it is a good idea to have some fun and check out your numerological compatibility with your spouse, your friend, your loved one, your boss, your colleagues, or anyone with whom you are planning a close relationship. 

Just use the simple Pythagorean Table above and compute the numerological value of your names.

If you have a perfect match, it’s great. 

But suppose you don’t have a perfect match.

No problem.

Don’t worry if your numerology values are not identical (perfect match).

Even if the numerological values are in harmony (one value divisible by the other) it’s a sign of excellent compatibility. 

For example, if the husband’s numerological value is 3 and the wife’s value comes out to be a multiple of 3 like 6 or 9 (or vice versa) then they are in “harmony

So if you find out that your marriage “rocks”  - be happy, tell your spouse and celebrate.

And if your numerological values just don’t match (inharmonious combinations like 2 and 7 or 3 and 8 or 4 and 9) just don’t worry.

When in doubt, there is no harm in using means to justify the end.

Try out some other numerology system - like Chaldean, Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, African, even Abracadabra - there are so many numerology tables, charts and calculators available. 

Keep trying all permutations and combinations till you discover your mutual compatibility. 

And then you can “validate your marital compatibility and be happy. 

That is the trick we use while doing “research”.

You just keep on trying all permutations and combinations till you find a “justification” for your hypothesis”.

Dear Reader:

Have a good day and “discover” your “compatibility” with any person you want to. 

Use this to convince your loved one about how “mutually compatible” you two are. 

Maybe this will enhance your romance. 

Try it with your boss and colleagues too. 

Maybe it will improve interpersonal relationships at work.

But here is a caveat - please don’t use numerology as an excuse to “dump someone - that is unethical and just not done. 

And hey, don’t take this too seriously – I told you right at the beginning that all this is just for fun!

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