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"Haute" Ice Cream at Giapo Auckland New Zealand

New Zealand Food Memories 


The Ice Cream served at Giapo is truly awesome. 

Giapo's signature "Yorkshire Pudding" Ice-Creams are unique and really fabulous. 

Here is a picture of Yorkshire Pudding Ice Cream. 

If you are fond of Chocolate Ice Cream - you will feel delighted when you taste the marvelous rich flavour and feel a sense of fulfillment as you eat your ice cream. 

Here is a picture of "Haute" Chocolate Ice Cream 

There is a variety of innovative flavours - and - from the looks of delight from the foodies enjoying Giapo's ice cream - it is evident that all flavours are delicious. 

The popularity of Giapo is visible from the large number of icecream aficionados patiently queuing up for a cup or cone of Giapo Haute Ice Cream. 

Yes - they call it "haute" ice cream - and Giapo Ice Cream certainly lives up to its name. 

The Ice Creams are truly "haute" – exquisitely crafted – a fulfilling pudding – not a mere ice cream. 

Conveniently located on Queens Street in the heart of Auckland - Giapo is a "must eat" icecream during your visit to New Zealand. 


If you are a pure vegetarian - please confirm that the ice cream you are ordering is vegetarian. 

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Adult Education – A Story

An Apocryphal Teaching Story
Short Fiction

Here is an apocryphal story I conjured up long back when I worked in Human Resource (HR) Management and Training. 

I used to narrate this story to my trainees in order to emphasize the importance of work life balance” 

I called the story ADULT EDUCATION.

Do tell me if you like it. 

I will look forward to your comments and feedback.

ADULT EDUCATION – an apocryphal teaching story

A passionate HR Trainer once conducted an Adult Education Programme for semi-literate and poorly educated workers in his industrial organization.

The programme was conducted in the evenings after working hours. 

In order to ensure success of this adult education programme – both the trainees and the trainer were motivated by giving them generous amounts of financial incentives like overtime allowance for participation. 

This incentive of extra money ensured maximum attendance from the workers.

The trainer too got a handsome amount of money as incentive. 

Yes – the trainer got a generous amount of overtime for conducting Adult Education Classes. 

Also – in addition to overtime – he was paid an additional bonus per worker attending his classes.

All workers enthusiastically attended the Adult Education classes – except one.

His name was Sukhi Lal. 

Sukhi Lal was the only person who never attended Adult Education Classes despite the huge monetary incentives.

Sukhi Lal would rush home after work the moment the siren rang in the evening. 

Sukhi Lal was almost illiterate but he was not interested in learning anything. 

The Trainer was very disappointed with Sukhi Lal and he decided to motivate Sukhi Lal to join his Adult Education Programme.

One day the Trainer called Sukhi Lal to his office and asked him: “Why don’t you attend the Adult Education classes?”

“What is the use...?” asked Sukhi Lal.

“You will gain more knowledge...” said the wise trainer.

“I am not interested in gaining more knowledge...” said Sukhi Lal, “I am quite happy with whatever I know.”

Observing that the man in front of him was not interested in intellectual enhancement – the trainer tried to lure him with financial motivation.

So the trainer said: “Sukhi Lal. Think of the Money. Yes – you will earn a lot of money. You earn while you learn. You will get plenty of overtime payment plus a generous attendance bonus. You will make lots of extra money if you attend these adult education classes.”

“I am not interested in making more money. I am quite happy and content with what I get...” Sukhi Lal said.

The exasperated trainer then resorted to a last tactic to get him to attend the adult education classes. 

He decided to humiliate Sukhi Lal in front of his co-workers – the trainer decided to publicly shame Sukhi Lal.

Yes – shame is a great motivator. 

The trainer was sure this would hurt Sukhi Lal’s ego – and the public humiliation would surely motivate him to attend the adult education programme. 

At lunchtime – in the canteen – the trainer called Sukhi Lal and all the other workers who attended adult education classes. 

The trainer indicated to everyone else to keep silent. 

Then  in the presence of all the “educated” co-workers – the trainer asked Sukhi Lal“Who was Issac Newton...?”

“I don’t know...” Sukhi Lal said.

“See. Everyone knows this and you don’t know. Just see how ignorant you are...” the trainer ridiculed Sukhi Lal while all the co-workers shook their heads in agreement and mocked at the ignorance of the clueless Sukhi Lal.

“Who was Albert Einstein...?” the Trainer asked Sukhi Lal. 

“I don’t know...” Sukhi Lal said. 

“Who was CV Raman...?” the Trainer asked Sukhi Lal. 

“I don’t know...” Sukhi Lal said. 

Everyone laughed and jeered at Sukhi Lal’s ignorance and made fun of him. 

But – the trainer was unrelenting – and he kept on asking a hapless Sukhi Lal question after question: 

“Who was Galileo… Faraday… Edison… Bhabha…?”

The barrage of questions and torment went on and on for a long time – until Sukhi Lal got fed up – and he decided not to take the humiliation any more. 

Sukhi Lal suddenly stood up and asked the trainer: “Tell me Who is Chhote Lal...?”

Chhote Lal...? Never heard of him...” snapped the trainer angrily, “Who is Chhote Lal...?”

“See. You don’t know who Chhote Lal is. But I know who he is...” Sukhi Lal said to the trainer with an  air of superiority, “Chhote Lal is the man who makes love to your wife every evening in your bedroom while you are busy out here conducting these Adult Education Classes. It is you who requires Adult Education – not me.” 

MORAL OF THE STORY (4 Morals of the Story)

1. Educate yourself first – before you embark on trying to educate others

2. Distant Vision sometimes obscures Near Vision 

If you are a “visionary” – you always tend to look too far  and sometimes – you cannot see what is going on under your very own nose

3. Physician – heal thyself

4. Have your priorities right and make sure you pay attention to your work-life balance.

Yes  WORK LIFE BALANCE means getting a full value from life – by ensuring a balance between achievement and enjoyment in each of the four quadrants of your life:

4. SELF 

On a daily basis  every morning  you must tell yourself:

1. I want to achieve something today – and I want to enjoy something today

2. I must manage to do both these things today. Then  for me  it is going to be a good day. 

3. Through work-life balance  I must manage to do both of these things each day of my life. 

4. Yes – I must achieve something daily – and – I must enjoy something daily – in all four aspects of my life (work, family, friends, self) – each and every day – for the rest of my life.

5. Then  I am going to have a good life - a happy, satisfying and fulfilling life  well lived.

Dear Reader: Do you agree...? 

Please comment. I look forward to your views and feedback. 

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1. This story is a fictional spoof, satire, pure fiction, just for fun and humor, no offence is meant to anyone, so take it with a pinch of salt and have a laugh.
2. All stories in this blog are a work of fiction. Events, Places, Settings and Incidents narrated in the stories are a figment of my imagination. The characters do not exist and are purely imaginary. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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The “Monster” – an unfinished story

THE “MONSTER” – an Unfinished Story 
Fiction Short Story


The moment the girl saw her future husband – she started trembling with fear.

He looked ferocious – like a barbarian – a savage brute.

Yes – “Monster” – that is first word that came to the delicate girl’s mind when she saw her future husband.

(So – Dear Reader – in this story – we will refer to him as “Monster”…)

The “Monster” looked at the fragile girl – and he said to the girl’s aunt:

“The girl seems very frightened…”

“No. No. She is okay…” the girl’s aunt said.

“She looks very young…”

“No. No. She is 18. Do you want me to get her birth certificate…?”

“Yes. We will require her birth certificate and other documents for her visa. I hope the girl has a passport…”

“Yes. Yes. It has just come…” the girl’s aunt said. “I assure you – she is not a minor…”

“What I meant was that she doesn’t seem ready for marriage…”

“No. No. She is ready for marriage…”

“But – is she ready to marry me…? I am 33 – I am more than 15 years older than her…”

“Of course she wants to marry you…” the girl’s aunt said.

The “Monster” looked at the delicate girl and he asked her:

“Are you sure that you want to get married to me…?”

The girl’s aunt looked sternly at the girl – and – the girl meekly nodded her head.  

And so – a few days later – the delicate 18 year old girl got married to the intimidating 33 year old “Monster”


The girl sat on the bedecked bed.

She was still wearing her wedding finery.

The girl looked at the flowers on the bed – “Flowers” for her “Deflowering” ceremony.

Tonight – her husband – the “Monster” – he would “deflower” her.

The girl felt terrified at the thought of what was going to happen to her.

What her uncle had tried to do – her husband would now do – and she could do nothing about it.

When her uncle had tried to rape her – she had fought back – but now – she would have to meekly submit – and surrender her body to her husband’s carnal desires.

The girl heard voices outside the room.

Her husband’s friends wanted to “celebrate” the wedding with a booze party.

She hoped that her husband would get so drunk that he would just “pass out” and go to sleep – unable to “perform” – and her agony would be postponed to another night.

Then – a frightening thought came to her brain – suppose her husband got violently drunk – then he would savage her even more brutally…”

The delicate girl felt terrified as she imagined what was going to happen to her.

Suddenly – she heard her husband’s voice:

“No. I will not drink tonight. You guys enjoy. My wife is waiting for me and I must go to her now…”

The girl saw the door opening.

Her husband – the “Monster” – he entered the bedroom – decorated for the “first-night”.

He looked at his newly-wedded wife – and he said to her:

 “I know we couldn’t go on our honeymoon immediately after our marriage – but don’t worry – once we get back to New Zealand – I will take you to Queenstown – and I will show you all the lovely places in the Southern Alps – we will have a long honeymoon…”

Then – the “Monster” started walking towards the girl.

The “Monster” sat on the bed – he looked at the girl’s face – and he said to the girl:

“Are you feeling okay…? You are sweating – and shivering…”

The terrified girl looked at the “Monster” with beseeching eyes.

The “Monster” looked at his newly-wedded wife and he said to her:

“Okay. I understand. You are not ready for me. You don’t worry. I will not force myself on you. I will come to you only when you want me to come to you. You go to sleep. I will sleep on the sofa…”

And so – on their “first night” – the girl slept on the bed – and her husband – the “Monster” – he slept on the sofa.


Three months had passed since her marriage to the “Monster”.

Her husband – the “Monster” – he had kept his promise – the promise that he had made to her on their “first night” – that he would not force himself upon her – that he would come to her only when she wanted him to come to her.

So far – she had not asked him to come to her.

And – he had not come to her.

In fact – she had not even spoken a single word to him.

Whenever he would speak to her – she would just meekly nod her head.

She was still terrified of her husband – the “Monster”.

But otherwise – she was quite happy in Auckland.

She liked her house – an independent “cottage” – with a lawn and garden – like most houses in New Zealand.

It was a “joint” family – her husband – his mother – his unmarried sister – they all lived together in the house.

Her husband had come to New Zealand many years ago.

And – after some time – as most Indian Immigrants do – he had brought his widowed mother and small sister as “dependents” to New Zealand.

Her husband – a truck driver – he would be away for days – and he would come home only once in a while.

And – even on those days – he would go out to the pub to drink beer with his “mates” – and come home drunk at night.

And then – he would sleep in the same room as her – but not in the same bed.

Her husband would lay out his mattress on the ground to sleep on.

Maybe her husband slept in the same room as her to keep up appearances of a “normal” marriage – lest his mother suspect that they had not “consummated” the marriage.

This arrangement was fine with her.

After that horrifying incident when her uncle had tried to rape her – she was extremely frightened of sexual intercourse – and felt petrified at the very thought of her “Monster” husband raping her.

Luckily – her husband was home only once in a while – and even on those days – he left her alone.

He hardly talked to her – except to bark orders when he wanted something – and she meekly complied without uttering a word.

Her mother-in-law – her husband’s mother – she ran the household.

Her sister-in-law just lazed around – she was 25 years old – and they were looking for a husband for her.

Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law treated her like a slave – they made her do all the housework – cooking, cleaning, washing – everything.

(In New Zealand – one didn’t have the luxury of “servants” – and you had to do all work yourself…)

She was a full-time servant.

It was quite clear that they had brought her to New Zealand more as a “slave” rather than as a “bride”.

It was a subtle way of “human trafficking”.

But – she preferred this life of “slavery” imposed on her by her domineering mother-in-law – rather than being brutally raped by her fearsome “Monster” husband – of whom she was still terrified.  

One evening – her husband – the “Monster” – he came home after a week – and he said to her: “I want to talk to you – come inside to our room…”

As she meekly followed her husband – her sister-in-law said to her: “Make a cup of tea for me – and some snacks too – I am hungry…”

On hearing this – her husband – the “Monster” – he stopped in his tracks – and – he suddenly turned around.

The “Monster” looked at his sister with angry eyes and shouted at her: “You go and make your tea yourself. She is not your bloody servant – she is my wife…”

On hearing the “Monster” shout angrily – his mother came running into the room and said to her son: “Why are you shouting at your young sister…?”

“I will not allow anyone to treat my wife like a slave…” the “Monster” said to his mother.

“What do you mean by saying that we treat her like a “slave”…?” her husband’s mother said, “isn’t your wife supposed to share the housework…?”

“Share the housework – yes – but not all the housework. Don’t think I have not been noticing – you make her do everything. You make her slog all day and treat her with disdain. I will not tolerate it any longer. My wife must be treated properly. Do you understand…?” the “Monster” shouted at his mother and sister.

The girl saw that her husband – the “Monster” – he was now looking at her.

On seeing her husband’s angry eyes – the girl trembled with fear.

Her husband pointed towards her – and he said to his mother:

“Look at her – see how frightened she looks. She is such an innocent young girl – so fragile – she is suddenly moved to a strange new land – a dainty and delicate girl forcibly married to a rough and coarse man like me – try to imagine how scared she must be feeling – and – instead of comforting her – you bully and browbeat her – and treat her like slave…”.

“Okay. Okay…” the girl’s mother-in-law said sarcastically, “we will treat your wife like a “Maharani” (Queen)…”

“Don’t be sarcastic…” her husband said to his mother, “I want my wife to be treated properly – that’s all…”

“And you…” the girl saw her husband – the “Monster” – he was looking at her – and he said to her, “You look sick. Are you feeling well…?”

The girl looked fearfully at her husband – as if she were dumbstruck with fear.

Her husband shouted at her: “Are you dumb or something…? I haven’t heard you speak a single word since we got married…”

The terrified girl ran into their room.

She waited with fear for her angry husband to come into the room.

But – her husband did not come.

Her husband – the “Monster” – he stormed out of the house and went to his favourite pub – to cool off his anger. 

She woke up from her sleep when her husband entered their room late at night.

He looked all disheveled – his eyes were bloodshot red.  

He seemed to be horribly drunk.

She felt tremors of trepidation.

She shut her eyes tightly.

She pretended to be asleep.

She feigned sleep – hoping he wouldn’t get into the bed beside her.

She was afraid that his dreadfully drunken state – he may rape her.

But – he didn’t get into the bed beside her.

He threw his mattress on the floor and collapsed on it – into deep sleep.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Next morning – when she woke up – she found that her husband had already gone away. 

Story to be continued… 

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Vikram Karve has asserted his right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work. 
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1. This story is a fictional spoof, satire, pure fiction, just for fun and humor, no offence is meant to anyone, so take it with a pinch of salt and have a laugh.
2. All stories in this blog are a work of fiction. Events, Places, Settings and Incidents narrated in the stories are a figment of my imagination. The characters do not exist and are purely imaginary. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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How to Manage Stress and Anger


Dear Reader: I wrote this blog post around 10 years ago when my pet dog Sherry was alive and in full form. Sadly, Sherry passed away to her heavenly abode in December 2014. 


If you want to learn the Art of Living just observe the way animals live and react to situations.
For me, my pet Doberman girl Sherry is my best teacher on the Art of Living.
                                        SHERRY KARVE

Sherry is Doberman X – the “X” factor (father) is probably a Caravan or Mudhol Hound as her mother is a pure Doberman.
Sherry behaves spontaneously, joyfully, based on her inner instinct.

She plays, she barks, she chases, she eats and she sleeps in accordance with her natural instinct.

Sherry doesn’t need to go to gym (for physical fitness) or a therapist (for mental fitness).

Sherry is not a Goal Oriented person.  

She is an Inner Resource Oriented person – in short, a Source Oriented person.

Conventional wisdom teaches us to become goal-oriented. 

From childhood there are goals set for us to achieve, and when we achieve one goal there is always another goal waiting for us – it is an endless pursuit, a chase which never culminates. 

We are taught that a goal oriented person is a person who always succeeds in life. 
But is there a final destination of success...? 
Do you ever reach your final goal...?

Goals are always outside you. 

Goals are in the future. 

Goals are far away from you.  

Your goals are not in your control. 
If you design your lifestyle in such a way that your happiness depends on things outside you, things in the future and things not in your control, then you may find happiness elusive and you may never be truly content and happy. 
If you are too result-oriented – you will always be chasing horizons.


if you run after something it runs away from you 

and, conversely, 

if you run away from something it runs after you 

So – calm down and stop running and live a more Source-Oriented life.

Look inwards, discover and harness your inner resources, act instinctively and you will realize your full creative potential.

Like my pet dog Sherry, you will live spontaneously, unpredictably, act on the spur of the moment and experience the joy of the glorious uncertainties of life rather than get frustrated by them.

You will live a more stress free life too.

Have you seen wild animals suffering from stress...?

Maybe some domesticated pet animals are stressed-out because we humans put stress on them by imposing our “goals” and demands on the poor hapless pets...!

We have become so preoccupied with achieving success that our lives are always heading towards something in the future.  

In the process, we lose touch with the aliveness and delight of the present. 
Sherry does not worry about the future, about achieving future goals, but live in the present.

Sherry does not live in the past either.  

Sherry is very forgiving – even if I scold her, which I never need to do, she is back to her cheerful self in a jiffy and doesn’t hold any grudges either.

Anger is a reality.  

It happens inside us. 
Goal Oriented behaviour may result in us trying to suppress our anger which in turn may create stress within us.
                                    Sherry - ALL EYES AND EARS

Here is a lesson I got one morning from Sherry in Anger Management by Source Oriented Living.
We lived in a spacious bungalow with a huge compound, located high up on a hill slope, with a beautiful panoramic view of the verdant wide green expanse of Girinagar all around right down to the placid blue waters of the Khadakwaska Lake. 

One morning while we strolled on our lawn sipping rejuvenating cups of piping hot amruttulya tea in the lovely mist and slight drizzle, I noticed Sherry standing alert at the bungalow gate looking intently, focussing on something outside, and gradually getting angry, as evident from her focussed eyes, slow growls, heightened breathing, stiff upright tail and vivid line of hair standing taut on the centre of her neck and back, hackles raised. 

I walked towards the gate and looked outside – the object of her attention was a huge white cat that was walking nonchalantly towards our bungalow gate, almost defiantly. 
The moment the cat came close, Sherry suddenly lost her temper, started barking, violently jumping, infuriated with anger, desperately pleading with me to open the gate. 
The cat stopped dead in her tracks and crouched, and I knew that if I let Sherry out, she would desperately, furiously and frenziedly chase the cat down the hill, and if she caught the cat, there would ensue a violent fight to the finish, and almost certainly it would be the cat who would be finished. Yes, Sherry would surely finish off the cat, as she had done earlier in the wild.

So I just walked away and Sherry realized that I wasn’t going to open the gate, and she went so wild with rage, that she ran amok, running wildly all round the spacious compound, taking high speed runs, jumping over hedges, barking, chasing, leaping at birds, running fast at top speed round and round the bungalow, till she was totally exhausted, after which she went to her water bowl, lapped up cold soothing water, and lay down on her rug in a cosy manner, calm, tranquil, totally relaxed, her anger totally spent, dissipated and dissolved into peaceful serenity. 

That’s what you must do when you are angry, isn’t it...? 
Let me tell you it works - the moment you sense anger rising within you, just start exercising, run, jog, take a brisk walk, dance, move your limbs, sway, do something.
Spontaneously do some physical activity till your anger is spent, and the rage built up inside you dissipates, exhausts and disolves itself into a state of calm. 

So, Dear Reader, the next time you start getting angry, do what Sherry does – just start running till your anger disappears and you collapse into a cosy state of peaceful calm and tranquillity. And if you can't run, at least take a brisk walk...just see how physical activity dissipates anger. Yes, let physical activity does help you dissipate your anger, or any negative emotion.
It is the same with stress. The moment you feel stress building up, take a brisk walk and see how physical activity dissipates and dissolves stress.

There is a lot to learn about the “Art of Living” from our animal friends, isn’t it...?

So just behave naturally, spontaneously, doing what your inner voice and instinct tells you, observe fauna and flora around you, and most importantly, get a pet dog  and make him or her your friend, philosopher and guide.

I’ll end with a quote on dogs from Sigmund Freud:

Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate in their object-relations. 
                                 SHERRY with her DADDY
So here is a Bow Wow to you from Sherry and she wishes that may you live a happy stress-free dog-like source-oriented life...!!!

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