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Cabaret in Paris

Cabaret at Paradis Latin
Memories of Our Europe Tour

If I tell you that I saw my first cabaret as a Senior Citizen – at the age of 62 – you will laugh at me.

Please laugh and make fun of me – because – it is true.

Dear Reader – nowadays – most people are “Been There – Done That” types.

So – whenever I excitedly tell them about my new experiences – they sardonically comment – I have “BEEN THERE and DONE THAT”.

Sadly – I am one of those rare “Not Been There – Not Done That” types.

I have Been “Nowhere” and Done “Nothing”.

So – for a “naïve” simpleton like me – watching a cabaret was a novel “first-time” experience.

Of course – I am not counting the so-called “cabarets” that I saw during my testosterone-charged days in the 1970’s – where bawdy voluptuous females “danced” in a most raunchy vulgar style – jiggling their mammoth bosoms and gyrating their enormous hips in a most obscene manner.

After watching a genuine cabaret – I realized that those so-called “cabarets” of our “inchoate” days – they were not actual cabarets at all – but gross imitations.

So – Dear Reader – Yes – I can say that I saw my first authentic cabaret last month – on July 25, 2018 to be precise – in Paris – at Paradis Latin.

(The History of Paradis Latin goes back to 1802, when the First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte built the Latin Theater, on the rue des Fossés-Saint-Victor in Paris)

The Paradis Latin Cabaret Show was a most beautiful, artistic and enjoyable cabaret – 90 minutes of enthralling entertainment – marvelous mesmerizing “Can Can dances with captivating music, dazzling costumes and incredible choreography.

Let me tell me about my delightful experience.

The whole atmosphere sparkles with radiance – a kaleidoscope of colour and vibrant energy – a terrific joie de vivre – an ecstatic exuberance which elevates your spirits and makes you feel enraptured and euphoric.

The magnificent sets, so lavish and colourful, the resplendent costumes and the fabulous artists – everything is so beautiful and glamorous – it keeps you mesmerized throughout the entire show of 90 minutes.

Though the cabaret focusses on dance (French Can Can) – there are thrilling performances by brilliant trapeze acrobats and contortionists – and incredible aerial balancing by a juggling unicyclist – these spectacular acts keep you spellbound.

The highlight of the cabaret is the variety of high-energy “French Can Can” dances, full of passion, performed by a troupe of talented dancers, handsome boys and beautiful girls, some topless, who perform the vigorous dances, comprising swirling the body, high kicks, splits, acrobatics and cartwheels in a most dexterous and passionate manner. The dance performances contain partial nudity – but it is not vulgar or risqué – but aesthetic and alluring.

In its entirety – the Paradis Latin Cabaret is an awesome experience.

For me – it was a most delightful “Evening in Paris”.

We arrived at Paradis Latin before 8 PM – and I was lucky to get an excellent seat at a table right in front – with a ringside view of the stage.

We were served Champagne – and then – there was an excellent dinner with plenty of wine.

The dinner was over by 9:30 PM – and then – we enjoyed the delightful cabaret show – the grand spectacle of captivating music and fascinating dances – in a wonderful, joyous, colourful atmosphere – that kept us spellbound for 90 minutes – till the spectacular grand finale at 11 PM.

For me – it was a most entertaining experience – and unforgettable “Evening in Paris” – which I shall cherish forever.

Before I forget – let me thank our Tour Operator – “Veena World” – for including Paradis Latin Cabaret in the Tour Itinerary. Had I gone on an “independent” tour with my “Better Half” – I wonder whether my “Better Half” would have allowed me to see a cabaret – but here – on a “group tour” – she had no choice but to accompany me – and – I could see that she enjoyed the cabaret immensely.

For obvious reasons – photography is not allowed during the cabaret show – so there are no pictures in this blog post. If you want a glimpse – you can try surfing the Paradis Latin Website and its Social Media Accounts.  

Dear Reader:

When you visit Paris – do spend an evening at Paradis Latin.

The Paradis Latin Cabaret is an Awesome Experience – you can take my word for it. 

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