Sunday, June 16, 2013



I once read a quote attributed to George Bernard Shaw which aptly sums up the life of a Naval Officer:

Men go into the Navy thinking they will enjoy it.

They do enjoy it for a year.

At least the stupid ones do, riding back and forth quite dully on ships.

The bright ones find out that they don’t like it within half a year.

But there’s always the thought of that pension, if only they stay in the navy.

They stay in and are promoted as a matter of time, if not of course.

Gradually, they become crazy.

Then they become crazier and crazier.

Only the Navy has no way of distinguishing between the sane and the insane.

Only about five percent of the men in the Navy have the sea in their veins.

They are the ones who become Captains.

Thereafter, they are segregated on their bridges.

If they are not mad before this, they go mad then.

And the maddest of them become Admirals.

You may, or may not, agree with George Bernard Shaw, but there is certainly some solace in his words for those who did not become Admirals (“yours truly” included).

I wonder whether this gem of a quote applies to the army, air force and other careers as well...!!!

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