Thursday, June 13, 2013


Ruminations on Learning

Here is quote from Liddel Hart (quoted by Norman Dixon on page 162 of his book On The Psychology of Military Incompetence)

A lifetime of having to curb the expression of original thought culminates so often in there being nothing left to express

Think about it.

Is not the present day rote learning type education system doing exactly this?

And so is the “do as you are told” management philosophy prevalent in most organisations, especially in the military where instant unquestioning obedience is the norm. 

There is a saying:

If You Don’t “Use” It

Then You Will “Lose” It

It is the same with your brain, especially the right side of your brain. 

If you keep restraining your creativity from realizing its full potential 


if you curb your imagination and suppress your original thinking

a time will come when

you will lose the ability to think imaginatively and ingeniously.

Once you get habituated to the “do as you are told” learning style, after some time, you will become like a mechanical “robot” and you will unthinkingly and unquestioningly do what you are told.

That is what the prevalent teacher-centric rote learning education system and “do as you are told” work culture will achieve.

Do we want our children to become “robots”?

Or should we not introduce a more Student-Centric Inquiry Based Learning System?

Remember the saying:

Tell me and I Forget

Show me and I Remember

Involve me and I Understand

This dictum implies that involvement is the sine qua non of holistic learning.

Mere “Telling” and “Showing” is not enough as this will not encourage development of creativity and stimulate imagination.

It is “involvement” that will kindle and inspire original thinking which in turn will facilitate realization of one’s full potential.

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majaal said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this, i hope lot of people read and follow what you have written because as we all know that there is sort of unfinished race going on in current education system. Rot learning method is more like a shortcut but even teachers encourage students to use this method , unfortunate but true.