Monday, February 27, 2017

Love Duel

A Story

“I want to have a word with you...”

“Later. I’m busy...”

“No. I want to talk to you right now...”

“Not now. Please. We’ll talk at lunch break. I have a deadline to meet...”

“I told you I want to talk to you now. It’s urgent...”

“What’s so urgent…?”

“It’s about Nisha…”


“Just lay off…”

“Lay off…?”

“You took Nisha out to a movie and dinner last evening – didn’t you...?”

“So nothing – you just stop seeing Nisha  I don’t like it...” 
“You don’t like it…? Just who the hell are you – to like it or not…?

“Who the hell am I…? Nisha is my girl...she is mine…We are in love…”

“Love…? Nisha loves you…? Bullshit...!!! Go and look at your face in the mirror. Is she crazy to love an uncouth clot like you...?” 

“You just shut up. And – you just lay off Nisha. I don’t want you too see Nisha  or even talk to her ever again. Do you understand…? I am warning you…”

“Warning…? You are giving me a warning...? Hey Dude – you just buzz off. I like Nisha – and she likes me too. And  we are seeing each other. So – it is you who has got to vamoose. Got it...? So just get lost and let me get on with my work – I told you I have a deadline...”

“I’ll break your bones…”

“Hey – what are you doing…? Just take your hands off me – this is the office…”

“Okay – I’ll meet you in the evening  outside office – and I will sort you out properly – once and for all…”
“You will sort me out…? Ha – Ha... You sissy – I’ll thrash the hell out of you...

“Hey – you stop fighting. Just look there – Nisha is coming here – she is walking towards us – she is saying something...” 

Nisha comes near the duelling men – and – she says to them:

“Hi guys – I was just coming to meet each of you – and  I find you both together – what a coincidence…!!!”

“You were coming to meet us…?”

“Yes. I have got some great news for you – I am getting married…”

“What...? You are getting married…?”


“To whom are you getting married...?”

He lives abroad – in the US – in Houston – he is a childhood friend – my classmate from school – we had lost touch with each other – he found me on the net on Facebook a few days ago – we chatted – he proposed this morning – and – I said YES…”

(Maybe this story should be called एक फूल दो कांटे और एक माली  “One Flower, Two Thorns and One Gardener

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This story was written by me more than 9 years ago in the year 2008 and posted online by me on my creative writing blogs a number of times including at urls:  and  etc

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