Friday, February 10, 2017

Do You Hide Behind a “Mask” on Social Media...?

Why do people use Fake Identities on Social Media...?

Do You Hide Behind a “Mask” on Social Media...?

Do you use a pseudonym or anonymous “handle” or fake identity on the Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Blogs etc)...?

Why are your afraid of using your actual name and identity on the Social Media...?

In today’s information technology age  everyone has a cyber identity.

So  all you have to do is to see the person’s profile on Facebook  or any other social networking site like LinkedIn, Google, Blogger, Gravatar, Twitter, Yahoo etc – and you can find out the extent of genuineness in the individual’s cyber identity.

Is the person using his/her actual name...? 

Or – is the person hiding behind a “Mask” using a pseudonym or anonymous “handle” or fake identity...? 

Have a look at the individual’s Profile and Display Picture (DP)

Is it genuine or fake...?

I do not trust a person who blogs anonymously. 

Also – I do not trust a person who uses a fake identity or fancy sounding pseudonym “handle” on social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google etc. 

Do you trust such fake people who hide behind masks...? 

What are they afraid of...?

Why do people hide behind masks of anonymity using fictitious identities or fancy nom de plumes or fake “handles”...? 

I really wonder why people shy away from using their own names and genuine identities on the Social Media...?

If you value your privacy so much – isn’t it better to avoid the social media altogether – rather than create fake identities or hide behind anonymous “handles” or pseudonyms...? 

Do you wear a mask in real life...? 

Why wear a mask in cyberspace...?

Why do people hide behind Masks” on the Social Media...? 

Dear Reader: Can you please tell us why some people do so...? 

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