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Humor in Uniform – The Officer from Delhi on a “Scouting” Mission

Humor in Uniform

Memories of My Delightful Navy Days
A Spoof

This happened 16 years ago  in the year 2001 – when I was appointed in the premier Naval Dockyard at Mumbai. 

An officer came into my office. 

He told me that he had come from Delhi.

Though I had never served with him on a ship or ashore  I knew the officer  since we had done our training together.

He was roughly of my seniority  one course senior  but then  I had gained maximum seniority in my Sub Lieutenant’s courses.

I asked him to be seated  and  I ordered a cup of tea for him.

He sat down.

He smiled at me. 

And then  he started looking up at the wall behind me.

I observed that he was looking at the “Honour Board” – on which were displayed the names and tenures of all incumbents of the office which I was presently occupying.

With disappointment writ on his face  he asked me: “You have spent not even 2 years here...?”

“Yes...” I said, “in fact I have been here for exactly one year and seven months  to be precise.”

“Okay...” he said, “Thanks for the tea. Sorry  if I disturbed you in your work.”

Then  the Officer from Delhi – he left my office.

I was perplexed as to why he had visited me.

In the evening  while I was sitting with my family by the sea at the Navy Officers Institute  I saw the same officer who had come to my office in the morning.

I called him over for a drink.

The Officer from Delhi had a sip of Whisky Soda  and then – he said: “You must be wondering why I came to your office in the morning...?”

“Yes...” I said, “I was quite perplexed by your sudden visit to my office...

On hearing this – the Officer from Delhi said to me

“Actually I am posted at Delhi in Naval Headquarters (NHQ) – and  I have been in Delhi for over 5 years – so now  I am due for a transfer. 

I want a transfer to Mumbai.

But the DOP said that there was no suitable billet vacant in Mumbai – so – they were likely to transfer me to Vizag. 

So  I used some pull through my boss – and – the DOP said that if I could find out a suitable billet in Mumbai where an officer had already spent more than 3 years – he would transfer me to that billet in Mumbai – and  he would move that officer out of Mumbai  probably to Delhi  do a mutual transfer. 

So – my boss has sent me on a scouting mission to find out a suitable appointment in Mumbai where I can be easily posted...” 

“But why are you targeting me...?” I asked. 

The Officer from Delhi said to me:

“Someone told me that you had spent a long time in Mumbai.

S I wanted to personally find out.

But then  I saw that you have not even spent 2 years in Mumbai.

But you don’t worry – please keep this info just between you and me – I have found out that one officer “XXX” is sitting comfortably in Mumbai for more 5 years.

S– I will have him moved out of Mumbai – and I will move into his appointment...” 

3 months later  the clueless “XXX” was on his way to Delhi.

And  the Officer from Delhi who had come on a “Scouting Mission from NHQ  – he joined us in Mumbai.

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Copyright © Vikram Karve 
1. If you share this post, please give due credit to the author Vikram Karve
2. Please DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Please DO NOT Cut/Copy/Paste this post
© vikram karve., all rights reserved.

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This story is a revised version of my blog post A “SCOUTING” MISSION posted online in my Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve Blog at url: http://karvediat.blogspot.in/2014/05/humor-in-uniform-scouting-mission.html  and http://karvediat.blogspot.in/2016/08/humor-in-uniform-how-to-get-choice.html

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