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Am I a “Prude” – or – Am I a “Dude”…?

AM I A PRUDE” – OR  AM I A “DUDE” ...?
Love Story
A Fictional Spoof


The doorbell rang.

I had just returned home – and – I was taking off my white Navy uniform.

I wondered who it was.

I put on my uniform – I walked out of the bedroom – and – I opened the door.

It was my wife’s friend Menaka – that chic gorgeous beauty who lived opposite our house. 

She looked ravishing.

Menaka was a real “Sex Bomb”.

My eyes locked onto her.

Then – I snapped out my trance – and – I said to Menaka: “My wife is not at home – she has gone to her mother’s place for a week…” 

“I know that your wife is not here...” Menaka said, “I have come to meet you.”


“Yes – I want to you to take me out to the city for shopping.”

“Me…? You want me to take you out shopping…?”

“Yes. My husband is out sailing – and – I need some things from town – so I thought I would ask you to take me to the market on your bike…” Menaka said.

Menaka was standing in the door – with the evening sun behind her.

The rays of the sun penetrated through the light fabric of her summery white dress.

I could see the curvaceous silhouette of her shapely body quite clearly.

My eyes travelled over the silhouette of her body – and – my hungry eyes lingered exactly where they should not have.

I felt ashamed of having eyed her body so brazenly.

So – I quickly moved my eyes away  and I lowered my glance.

After a few moments – I looked up at her.

She looked so sensuous, so tantalizing, so alluring – that I could not take my eyes away from her.

But – she seemed nonchalant – oblivious of the stirring sensual vibes she was radiating – standing as she was – in her light ‘see-through’ dress – with the sun behind her.

“Are you going to just keep staring at me – or – are you going to invite me inside…?” she said, with a naughty smile.

“Oh – I am very sorry – please come inside…” I said, embarrassed.

Menaka came inside – and she sat on the sofa in the living room.

I stood there – mesmerized – wondering what to do.

“Why don’t you change into civvies…?” she said, “it is already 5:30 – and I have a lot of shopping to do.”

“Yes, Yes…” I said – and I quickly walked into my bedroom.

As I started taking off my uniform – I kept thinking of her – my wife’s friend – the gorgeous “Sex Bomb” Menaka – sitting in the living room.

My imagination started running wild.

Her husband was away.

My wife was away.

She was lonely.

I was lonely.

We both were lonesome.

Anything could happen.

First – she would sit behind me on my motorcycle – holding me tight.

Then – we would have a good time in the city – shopping, eating, and walking around – and – maybe – she would ask me to take her for a movie.

When we returned back – it would be late – so – maybe – she would me invite me to her home for dinner.

Then – maybe – she would offer me a drink.

And – maybe – she would join me for a drink.

(Yes – I had seen her drinking at parties).

Then – as we sat together – one drink would lead to another – and – one more – and soon – with so much alcohol inside us  we both would get high.

With both of us – Menaka and Me – in this high” state  sitting together in an atmosphere of intimacy – with our inhibitions dissolved in alcohol – anything could happen. 

Yes – anything could happen.

She was very attractive – and – I wouldn’t mind having an affair with her – or – at least a one night stand.

But – I did not have the guts to do so – because – I shuddered to think of the consequences.

My shrewd wife would surely sense that I had indulged in “hanky-panky” – and then – she would surely divorce me.

Besides – in the Navy – “stealing the affection of a brother officer’s wife” was considered an offence – and – I could be sacked and dismissed from the Navy with disgrace.

It would be a double-whammy – for both my marriage and my career.

My marriage would break-up and my career would be in shambles.

I had to be careful – there was absolutely no point in taking the risk.

So – I buttoned up my uniform – and – I went out into the living room.

Menaka looked at me.

Menaka seemed perplexed to see me still wearing uniform – so – she said to me: 

“What happened…? Why are you still in uniform…? Why haven’t you changed into civvies…?”

“I am sorry – but I cannot take you out shopping…” I said.

“But why…? What happened…? Just a few minutes ago – you had readily agreed to take me out shopping. And now – you are saying that you cannot take me out shopping. First you say YES  and then you say NO…” she said, looking confused.

“I am sorry. Please excuse me. I cannot tell you the reason – but – I can’t take you out shopping…” I said, shamefacedly.

“If you don’t want to help me – it’s fine. It’s okay. I’ll ask someone else…” she said, looking disappointed.

Then – Menaka got up from the sofa – and she walked out of my house.



When I came home from work in the evening – I saw that my wife was angry.

“Don’t you have any social graces…?” my wife thundered.

“What happened…?” I asked.

“I was hugely embarrassed at the Ladies Club Meet – thanks to your stupid behaviour…” my wife said angrily.

“What did I do…?” I asked her.

With scorn in her eyes – my wife rebuked me:

“Menaka asked you to take her out shopping because her husband was sailing out at sea – and – you rudely refused her…? First – you said YES – then – you said NO – she has told everyone about your unofficerlike ungentlemanly behaviour – and – it was so humiliating for me. Because of your weird behaviour you have become the laughing-stock among all the Navy wives. And – everyone is laughing at me too  for having such an ill-mannered nincompoop husband. I really don’t know how they made you an Officer in the Navy…?

“There is a reason…” I tried to explain.

“Just shut up...” my wife interrupted me  and then – she shouted at me: I thought Naval Officers were supposed to be chivalrous – and you behaved in a most boorish way with a lady who wanted your help. You are a disgrace – I feel ashamed to be your wife…”

I saw that my wife was so angry that there was no point in me trying to explain my side of the story to her.

It was best for me to remain silent.

My wife went into the kitchen.

I went into the bedroom – I changed from uniform into civvies – and I lay down on my bed.

After some time – my wife informed me that she was going to the market with her friends – and – she left the house.


I relaxed for some time after my wife had left.

Then I got up.

It was getting dark. 

I poured my first drink of Rum and Water (Rum-Pani) – and – I sat down in front of the TV.

I looked at the wall-clock.

One hour had passed since my wife had gone out shopping with her friends.

She would be back soon.

I was enjoying my second drink when the doorbell rang.

“It must be my wife...” I thought – and I opened the door.

It wasn’t my wife.

There was a woman standing at my door.

I did not recognize her.

She was the most ordinary looking woman I had ever seen.

She was not ugly – she just looked prosaic and pedestrian – a real “Plain Jane”.

Yes – she was a “Plain Jane” – a “homely” type of woman.

She was the kind of woman with whom a man could spend time yet not feel disloyal to his wife.

Yes – she was the type of woman with whom any wife would readily allow her husband to go out on a date with – and feel safe about it.

“Hi...” the “Plain Jane” woman said, “It looks like you haven’t recognized me…”

“I am sorry…” I stammered.

She smiled  and she said to me: “I am Mala – Mrs. XXX – we’ve come on posting and we have just shifted to this building last week… ”

“Oh – please come in...” I said to her, “what can I do for you…?”

“No. No. I won’t come in – but – it’s a bit urgent – can you please take me to the market…?” she asked me.

“Market…?” I said, confused.

“Yes. My husband is out sailing – and I have to get something urgently – from the medical store – it’s very urgent. So please – I will be very grateful if you take me to the market…” she said.

I remembered the previous embarrassing episode with my wife’s beautiful friend Menaka – where I had refused to take Menaka to the city.

And – I remembered my wife’s sermon on social graces and chivalry.

Besides – this “Plain Jane” standing in front of me – Mala – she looked so unexciting and ordinary – that even otherwise – I would have no hesitation in giving her a lift on my bike. 

Also – she was asking me to take her only to the nearby market. 

So – I readily agreed.

Soon – we – Mala and I – we both were riding on my bike on our way to the market.

Mala was holding onto me very tightly.

She may have been ordinarily looking – but – she was quite well endowed – and voluptuous too. 

Like her – I too was on the healthier side”.

So  it was a tight squeeze on the small seat of the bike.

Mala put both her hands around me and clung onto me tightly – and – our bodies were in close contact – snug together.

On the way – I saw my wife and her friends walking back from the market – so I proudly waved out to my wife.

I was sure my wife would be proud of me for my chivalry and social graces in helping out a lady. 

But – I was in for a big surprise.

When I returned home – I saw that my wife was furious.

The moment my wife saw me – she shouted at me: “Where the hell were you taking Mala on your bike…?”

“You know Mala..?”

“Yes. We met this morning at the Ladies Club – but – I am asking you what Mala was doing with you on your bike – squeezing you in a tight embrace – hugging your body so shamelessly…? It was disgusting – the way you two were desperately clinging onto each other. Tell me. Why was Mala with you on your bike...?

“She wanted to go to the market…” I explained.

“But why did you take her…? She could have walked down to the market herself – like I did…” my wife said.

“She said that it was urgent…” I said.

“Urgent – My Foot…!!!” my wife shouted at me.

“She wanted to buy something from the medical store. And – you only told me about ‘social graces’ – that I should be ‘chivalrous’ towards ladies…” I said.

“Don’t talk nonsense…” my wife said angrily.

“Nonsense…? She is such a simple lady…” I said.

“Simple lady…? She is a man-eater– she is a nympho – she was trying to seduce you…” my wife said.

“Seduce me…?” I said, stunned.

“Yes. She mesmerized you – didn’t she…?” my wife asked me.

“Mesmerized me…? What are you saying…?” I said, confused.

My wife looked at me – and she said to me: 

“Do you know what Mala told me at the Ladies Club Meet this morning…?”

“What…?” I said.

“She said that she could mesmerize” any man…” my wife said.

“She said that she could mesmerize any man…? So what...?” I said. 

“I told Mala that she could not mesmerize you – I told her that you were an old-fashioned prude” – I told her about how you had refused to take Menaka to the city…” my wife said.


“In fact – it was Menaka who told everyone the story about your strange behaviour – and – everyone laughed...” 


 “And then – Mala boasted that she could easily mesmerize you into taking her to the market on your bike...


“But  everyone said that you would never take Mala on your bike – and – I also said that she would not be able to mesmerize you into taking her to the market on your bike...” 


“So – Mala dared me to take a bet – and – I took a bet with her…” my wife said.

“Oh – so you are angry because you lost the bet…” I said to my wife.

“No – I am worried that I may lose the second bet…” my wife said.

“Second bet…? You took two bets with Mala…?” I asked my wife.

“Yes. The first bet was that she could mesmerize you into taking her for a ride on your bike…”

“Okay. She won that bet. And what was the second bet…?”

“Mala said that she could seduce you…”


Did Mala try to seduce me…?

Did she succeed in seducing me into having an affair with her…?

Well – Dear Reader – that’s another story.

But – one thing is for sure.

A “Plain Jane” has a more rollicking Love Life than a “Sex Bomb”.

Maybe – you may not agree with me – but this is a “universal truth” that I have observed during my college days – and – later – in my adult life too.

Ordinary looking “Plain Janes” have much more Fun than those ravishingly beautiful “Sex Bombs” 

You don’t believe me...?

Have a look around you – and observe – who is having uninhibited “fun” – who is having a really “good time” – the “Plain Janes” – or – the “Gorgeous Girls”…?

Tell me – Dear Reader:

Am I right...?

Or – am I wrong…?

But – Dear Reader – before you go away – please answer the moot question”:

Am I a “Prude...?

Or – am I a “Dude”…? 

See you soon – with another “love story” from my wonderful Navy days. 

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