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Booze Wisdom from a Retired “Drunkard” – Never Drink when you “Need” a Drink

“retired” from drinking 15 years ago, in the year 2002 – after 25 years of dedicated drinking.  

Dear Reader: Let me share some “Booze Wisdom” with you from time to time on my blog. 

Here is the first tip from a Retired “Drunkard” – Never Drink when you “Need” a Drink

I wrote this article many years ago in my series on “The Art of Drinking Alcohol...

Golden Rule of Drinking Alcohol

The Navy taught me many things. 

One of the things I learnt in the Navy was how to drink alcohol.

Let me delve into my “Alcoholic Archives – and  once again  share with you some of my “Boozy Wisdom from my select writings on How to Drink Alcohol”...

Cheers – Enjoy !!! 


People who drink to drown their sorrow – should be told that  sorrow knows how to swim
~ Ann Landers

One evening  a friend of mine landed up at my place  and he said: “I have had a really terrible day at work. I need a drink...”

“I will get you a cup of tea...” I said.

“Tea…?” he exclaimed astounded, “haven’t you got some whiskey or something? I told you I am feeling terrible – everything went wrong today – I desperately need a drink…”

“I know you are dying for a drink – you are craving, yearning, thirsting for that “soothing” sip of alcohol. That is why you must not drink now. You must never drink when you need a drink...” I said.    

My friend pleaded  but  I did not budge.

I gave him a cup of tea  which he drank with great reluctance.

Then  he walked off in a huff  calling me all sorts of names – he said that I was a miser  a “good for nothing” friend – an “unofficerlike” officer.

But  I knew I that had done the right thing.

Yes – I had done the right thing – I did not give him a drink when he needed a drink.

Because – that is my first golden rule of drinking alcohol – or – if you like – let’s call it Booze Wisdom...

Yes  dont drink when you desperately want to have a drink. 
Do not touch a drop of alcohol when your mind or body craves for alcohol.

Sounds funny isn’t it...?

Let me try to elucidate.

Never drink when you need a drink.

Do not drink when you are feeling any negative emotion like despondency, sadness, anger, irritation, envy, unhappiness, frustration, emotional pain, bad moods, down in the dumps feeling, or any negative vibes.

Never touch the bottle when you are in negative mood – otherwise  the bottle will “unbottle” you.

Remember –  if you drink alcohol in these circumstance the bottle will “unbottle” your dormant repressed inner feelings  and  release your pent up negative emotions – and  make you feel even more miserable  and  spoil the mood of all those around you.

Let me tell you something I have observed in real life.

If you want to know the true character of a man  just get him drunk  and  what is hidden inside him will come out  and his true inner self will be revealed.

(Maybe – the same applies to women as well – but I did not have the opportunity to observe women getting drunk – so I cannot vouch for it)

Alcohol opens you up

That’s what alcohol does  isn’t it...?

Alcohol reduces inhibitions  makes you more talkative, more expansive and more expressive  loosens you up  and helps release, bring out and amplify your inner emotions, talents, passions, sentiments.

That is why some persons become more creative after imbibing a drink or two  since alcohol unleashes your inhibitions  and releases the music, the poetry, the creativity hidden within you. 
If you are happy inside  after a few drinks you will start physically expressing your happiness – maybe in a boisterous manner  and outwardly  by laughing, cheer and bonhomie.
Once you drink when you are in high spirits  you may even articulate your secret unexpressed love – you become amorous and romantic  and try to realize your hidden desires – and reveal without compunctions all your inner secrets – which otherwise you would never disclose when sober.  

But  the converse is also true.

By reducing inhibitions  alcohol may bring out the worst in you  by facilitating the release of pent up negative emotions like anger, envy, dejection, despondency, frustration  and these unleashed amplified negative emotions may result in undesirable, unpleasant and even disastrous consequences.

Have you noticed how some people get violent, argumentative, rude or even melancholic, moody, sullen, depressed, unsociable, unpleasant after a few drinks...? 

Never drink when you need a drink. 

Intoxication isnt an escape from your problems  it just worsens the situation by amplifying your problems further 

Dear Reader  in my opinion  the best thing is to be a teetotaller – and avoid drinking alcohol altogether.

But  if you must have a drink – please do make sure that you are feeling positive vibes  and  you are peaceful and happy inside 

And – Never Drink when you desperately “Need” that Drink

Yes  Do Not Drink Alcohol when you are feeling depressed or low or angry or have negative emotions.

Remember this Golden Rule:

If you must drink alcohol  always drink when you are happy – you must enjoy your drinking when you are in good cheer and full of positive vibes

So – this is my first golden rule of drinking alcohol: 


If you must drink alcohol  remember the corollary to the above dictum:

It is okay to have a drink when you don’t “need” that drink

But – Don’t Drink when you “Need a Drink.

Cheers ... !!! 

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