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“Military Brats” do not want to join the Military anymore


The term Military Brat” is a term of endearment and respect.

The word BRAT is an acronym for Born, Raised And Trained

B = Born
R = Raised
A = And
T = Trained

(As per another version – BRAT stands for British Regiment Attached Traveller”)

“Military Brat” is colloquial slang for the child of a person serving in the Military (derivatives of Military Brat are Army Brat Navy Brat Air-Force Brat Defence Brat etc)

“Military Brat” spends his early life in Military Cantonments – the child of a uniformed military person can be deemed to be born, raised and trained in military environments. 

A Military Brats childhood or adolescent life may be immersed in the unique military culture prevalent in the military environments – this “military social culture” may be different from civilian culture outside.

This is particularly true in the case of Army Brats” since army cantonments are more remote and cut-off from civilian society than navy bases which are located in larger cities.

Another unique feature in the life of a “Military Brat is a nomadic life due to frequent relocations depending on their father’s postings. 

All this makes “Military Brats” versatile, sociable and flexible – and – also develops some unique traits which may or may not be conducive for transition to civilian life.

Earlier – most “Military Brats” (especially children of defence officers) – they would follow their father’s footsteps and join the Armed Forces. 

Now – things have changed – as is exemplified in this story... 

Ramblings of a Retired Mind

Why are Children of Armed Forces Officers Reluctant to take up a Career in the Armed Forces...?

Sometime ago  there was an impromptu gathering of veteran officers of the Army, Navy and Air Force Officers. 

We were around 30 Retired Defence Officers.

While talking – we realized that all of us were from defence background (our fathers had served in the Armed Forces)

Yes – the father of each and every one of us had served in the Armed Forces – Army, Navy or Air Force.

In many cases – not only the father – but even the grandfather – had been in the Armed Forces.

We talked about our children.

Most children had migrated abroad – mainly to the USA – and settled down there to realise their “American Dream”.

Of those children working in India – the majority were Engineers – mainly “Techies” in the IT Sector – many were MBA’s and worked in the Financial Sector – some had taken up other Civilian Professions like Medicine and Law or joined the Hospitality Industry – while others had become entrepreneurs.

But – no one had joined the Armed Forces.

Yes – not even one child had joined his father’s profession and become a Military Officer.

None of our children had taken up our profession of arms.

We discussed and talked about many our course-mates and batch-mates in the defence services and their children.

It was the same story. 

Nobody’s children had joined the Armed Forces.

The changing trend of career choice was evident.

When we were young – most children of Defence Officers opted for a career in the Defence Services.

Today – children of Defence Officers prefer an attractive career in the civilian world.

Children of Defence Officers do not want to join the Defence Services.

This recent phenomenon is quite strange.

Most children like to follow the profession of their parents – especially if they like the job their parents do.

Yes – in the civilian world – in many cases – children take up the same profession as their parents.

This can be seen among Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, Agriculturists, Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Builders, Civil Services (IAS, IPS etc), Educationists, Actors, Mariners – and – this trend of children following the profession of their parents is particularly visible among Politicians.

Earlier – this trend was prevalent among the Defence Services as well.

In earlier generations – including mine – most children of Armed Forces Officers were motivated to join the Army, Navy and Air Force. 

Generation after generation joined the Armed Forces - mostly the same service as their father’s service – and – in the Army – the same regiment as well.

Now – all this had changed – and children of Defence Officers no longer want to follow the footsteps of their parents.

They do not prefer to opt for a career in the Defence Services.

To put it in a nutshell:

“Military Brats” do not want to join the Military anymore

I wonder why...? 

Dear Reader – Can you tell us why...? 

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Anonymous said...

My father was a career Air Force officer and I served a hitch in the Army towards the end of the Vietnam War. I found that as that war wound down the Army did not want to keep us in the service. They were actively getting rid of surplus soldiers. The Vietnam War was a turning point in the military history of the United States - far from being a patriotic war in defense of American liberty it was clearly meddling in foreign affairs for no apparent reason. Since then there have been no popular patriotic wars and our military are either career soldiers looking to survive long enough for the next promotion, or they have been ruined by war for anything civilian.