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A Girl – A Boy – and – their Love Story

Love Story

Circa 1974

Girl: Oh My God – we have done it.  I can’t believe that we did it. Now – we will have to get married.

Boy: Yes. Of course we’ll get married.

Circa 1975

Girl: Let’s get married. 

Boy: Are you crazy…? You’re not even 18 years old.

Circa 1976

Girl: I am 18 now – let’s get married.

Boy: Just one more year. Let me finish my engineering degree and get a good job. Then – we will get married.

Circa 1977

Girl: Now you have got a job. Let’s get married.

Boy: Let me finish my training. I don’t think the Navy allows officers to get married during training.

Circa 1978

Girl: You have finished your training. I have finished my engineering. Let’s get married.

Boy: I can’t marry before 25. That’s what the Navy rule says. Even if we get special permission to get married – we won’t get married accommodation till I am 25 years old – so we will have to live apart. So – let’s wait for 3 years till I am 25 years old – and then we’ll get married. Meanwhile why don’t you pick up a job while I finish off my sea-time...? Also  by that time  I will be 25 years old…? A job will keep you occupied.

Three Years Later

Circa 1981

Boy: I am 25 years old now. I have finished my sea-time too and I am due for a “long course”. It is the ideal time to get married. One year of bliss. We will get a house there in the training base and we will have plenty of time together. Let’s get married.

Girl: Not now. My career is just taking off – in fact – they are sending me abroad to work on a very important project – this assignment is very important for my career – “make or break” – so let’s wait till I come back. It’s just one year – then we will get married.

Circa 1982

Boy: I think we will have to postpone our marriage a bit. They are sending me overseas as commissioning crew of a brand new ship. Families are not allowed. So – let’s wait for one year till I come back.

Girl: Okay – meanwhile I will consolidate my career too. We will get married when you come back.

Circa 1983

Boy: Well – I am back. My sea-time will end soon too and I will get a comfortable shore appointment. So – let’s get married.

Girl: Can we wait for just one more year…? They are sending me abroad again – on a very prestigious project – as an independent manager – it’s very important for my career. The moment I come back next year – we’ll get married.

Circa 1984

Boy: Now – you are well settled in your career – so – let’s get married.

Girl: Actually – I am thinking of changing my job. I have got a great offer abroad – a “life changing” opportunity – they promised to fast-track my work visa too – if I join immediately. So – let’s wait for some time – just for a year or two. We will get married after that.

Two Years Later

Circa 1986

Boy: I am 30 years old now – and – you are 28. Let’s get married.

Girl: Okay – but you will have to quit the Navy and relocate abroad with me. I have decided to stay on in that country – the job is great – I love the place – and – I need to stay there continuously for a few years – to get residency – and then – for citizenship. Why don’t you quit the Navy…? Yes – I think it will be good for us  if you resign from your Navy job – which has no future in any case. We will get married and you can come overseas with me. I am sure you will find a good job there – or – you can do a course in some “skill shortage” area – and it will be even easier for you to get a good job over there.

The Boy did not resign from the Navy. 

Even if he had wanted to resign from the Navy – the Navy would not have allowed him to quit – at least for 10 years more – till he got “superseded” for promotion – and – the Boy was not interested in getting “superseded” – since he was serious about his Navy career.

So – the Boy did not relocate abroad to join his “sweetheart” over there in the foreign land.

The Boy remained in India – and – the Girl went abroad after her vacation was over.

And – their marriage was postponed once again. 

But this time – it turned out to be an “indefinite postponement” of their marriage…

30 Years Later

Circa 2016

Girl: Hey – what a pleasant surprise – seeing you after so many years – and here – of all places – in the busiest airport in the world…

Boy: Yes – it’s so good to see you too – it’s been 30 years – we last met in 1986 – isn’t it…?

Girl: So what are you doing here in the transit lounge – changing flights…?

Boy: Yes – going on a holiday…

Girl: That’s great – so – where is your family…?

Boy: No family – I am not married.

Girl: Divorced…? Or – you never got married…?

Boy: I never got married…

Girl: Me too…

Boy: Oh – you never got married…?

Girl: Yes. I am “happily single”. You know – after some time – I got used to being single – I started enjoying being single – so I stopped thinking about marriage.

Boy: Me too – I am enjoying my “bachelorhood”. And in the Navy – it is very easy to remain a bachelor – you are well looked after – so – I forgot about marriage.

Girl: Are you still in the Navy…?

Boy: No – I retired 3 years ago – and – now – I am enjoying life travelling all around the world – seeing all the places I wanted to see – there are so many in my “bucket list”…

Girl: That’s great. I wonder if I will be able to “retire” like you. I have my own company now…

Boy: Wow – you have really made it big…

Girl: Yes – I have done quite well in my career...

Boy: Hey – it’s time for my flight – so – see you – wish you all the best

Girl: Bye – it was nice meeting you – do enjoy your holiday…

Boy: Bye – Take Care…

So – once again – the Girl and the Boy parted ways – both “happily single” 

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