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Why My Stories Have “Abrupt Endings”

If you are a creative writer  you will have your own individual writing style. 

I too have my own signature style. 

One aspect about my writing style is that my stories always have abrupt endings.

I agree. 

One of the ramifications of abrupt endings” is that I most of my stories don’t leave behind the quintessential “and they lived happily ever after” happy ending aftertaste in the mind of the reader. 

So – many of my abrupt ending” stories are not liked by many of my women readers who like happy endings  especially to love stories and romances. 

(This category of “and they lived happily ever after” lovey-dovey happy ending readers includes my “Better Half – who has stopped reading my stories because of their abrupt endings”)

I am trying to make a conscious effort to correct this aspect.

Dear Reader – Let me tell you how I developed this writing style of having abrupt endings

Reminiscences of a Creative Writer

A recent “fan” of my creative writing commented: I like the way you end your stories suddenly with a “twist in the tail”...

The young lady was being polite. 

“not-so-polite” reader said: “I don’t like the way you suddenly end your stories... 

Another more forthright reader commented on my blogs: Your stories seem incomplete – as if you are thinking of writing a Part 2 or a sequel to the story...

What all my 3 readers wanted to know is: 

“Why do my stories have abrupt endings...?”

Here is the answer: 

“Coup De Grâce” 


If you are a writer – you will have your own individual writing style. 

I too have my own signature style. 

Many readers have commented that one aspect they do not like about my writing style is that my stories always have abrupt endings.

I agree.

I will make a conscious effort to correct this aspect.

Dear Reader – let me tell you how I developed this writing style of having abrupt endings. 


I started writing fiction short stories more than 25 years ago in the early 1990 when I lived on the beautiful natural environment of IAT Pune in the hills of Girinagar  a beautiful verdant green forest in the back of beyond below the mighty Sinhagad Fort and overlooking the placid blue waters of the Khadakwasla lake near Pune. 

From Monday to Friday  during the daytime  I would be busy with my work. 

But even on those working days  every morning and evening  I took long walks in the hills of Girinagar  thinking interesting thoughts  and by Friday  the plot for my next story would be ready in my mind.  

Then  on Saturday morning  I would start writing the story.

Yes  I did all my creative writing on weekends. 

I would write a short story every weekend in long hand  which my darling wife would then type on her portable typewriter during the week.

(Yes  those were the days of the pen and paper  when you actually wrote with your pen on paper  and later your story had to be typed on a typewriter in the prescribed format) 

Then I would then send my “double-spaced neatly typed story” by snail-mail (by registered post) to magazines which published short fiction like Citadel  a magazine published monthly from Pune for which I was a regular fiction writer  or to the Indian Express for its Thursday literary magazine called Citizen  or to other magazines like Femina, Savvy, Debonair, Caravan, Womens Era etc that carried fiction.  

I preferred to have an atmosphere of solitude to write on weekends.

So  on every Saturday morning  I would drop my wife and children at the Khadakwasla bus stop  and – my wife and kids would be off to spend the weekend in Pune City with their grannies. 

Then  in my glorious solitude  I would to start writing. 


Yes – the moment my weekend began – on Saturday morning  in my glorious solitude  I would to start writing my story – which was germinating, evolving and perambulating in my mind during the week. 

I love writing  so once I start writing  I transcend into a state of timelessness.

I would write the entire Saturday and Sunday.

Time would pass off in a jiffy – as I would be lost to the world  in a state of blissful timelessness.

Suddenly  I would hear the shrill ring of the phone.

And suddenly  I would realize that my two days of creative bliss were over.

It was already Sunday evening  and my wife was calling to tell me she was starting from Pune  and they all would be reaching Khadakwasla bus stop in an hour. 

(The Bus Journey from Pune to Khadakwasla took one hour)

The moment this dreaded phone call came, for me  panic would set in. 

Now  I had just one hour left to finish my story. 

(I had to complete the story I was writing otherwise it would spill over to the next weekend  and I did not want to breach my self-imposed target of one story per week). 

Therefore  I had no choice but to finish off the story with an abrupt ending – coup de grace...!!!  

That is why my stories always have abrupt endings”.


Maybe this style of writing abrupt endings” developed into a habit  and old habits die hard.

I will have to change my writing style.

I will try my best to see that my stories have more unhurried, relaxed, satisfying, happy endings that leave a pleasant smooth aftertaste. 

But how can I do this...? 

Nowadays  after retirement  I blog. 

And  I try to write at least a blog a day.

Yes  I write one blog post per day.

I get up early and go for a long morning walk which ends in the park on the banks of the Mula River in Wakad near Pune.

During my morning walk I think interesting thoughts  about what I am going to write on that day.

Then – I start writing around 9 AM in the morning (an hour after my wife goes to work).

I love writing so much that I lose all sense of time  and sometimes – I do not even have lunch.

Suddenly  I realise that it is 4 PM  and – I know that my wife would be arriving in a half an hour. 

Since I am a dedicated “Househusband” – I am required to welcome my “Breadwinner” Wife with a cup of Tea – the moment she arrives home from work. 

My “Writing Time” is over – and – my “Quality Time” (with “Better Half”) will soon begin.

So  I have to quickly finish off whatever I am writing  and  I have to post it on my blog immediately.

That is why  like my stories – even my blog posts have abrupt endings.

It seems that I just cannot escape from Abrupt Endings” Trap.

Or  maybe  I will be able to change my Abrupt Endings” Writing Style if I keep trying...

I will try my best – but till then – Dear Reader – you will have no choice but to suffer my “twist in the tail” abrupt ending” stories and blog posts...

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