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The “Quid Pro Quo” Marriage

A Spoof

The “Quid Pro Quo” Marriage – A Story by Vikram Karve


She: Why did you reject me?

He: Because I do not want a working wife.

She: Is that the only reason?

He: Yes.

She: So – otherwise – you like me?

He: Yes – I like you.

She: My parents are very upset that you rejected me.

He: Even my parents are angry with me – they liked you a lot.

She: So – the only reason you do not want to marry me is because I work.

He: Yes. I told you that before.

She: Why?

He: Because I want a full time housewife who will look after me and our children. I do not want nannies to look after our children when they are small. And later – I do not want our children to come back from school to an empty home – their mother must be there to welcome them. And – most important – I want my wife to welcome me home with a cup of tea when I come home from work in the evening.

She: So you want me to give up my career permanently? Tell me – if I do not work  won’t all my professional qualifications be wasted  if I have to just sit at home...? I might as well have done a course in Home Science.

He: That is why I feel that marriage between us is not practicable. You want to pursue a full-time career – and I want my wife to be a full-time housewife.

She: You are a big MCP – Male Chauvinist Pig” – but I like you – so I am willing to compromise – if you are also ready for a little quid pro quo.

He: I also like you – so tell me how we can work it out.

She: I will take a sabbatical from my career for 10 years – maybe more – and I will be a full-time housewife and mother. Then – we will review the situation.

He: Okay. We will see after 10 years.

And so – the MCP and the Girl got married.



She: Do you remember the conversation we had just before we got married about you wanting to have a full-time housewife – after which I took a sabbatical from my career for looking after you and our children.

He: Yes – of course I remember.

She: We are married for 12 years now – I have dutifully followed you everywhere on all your postings and I been a full-time housewife. I have looked after you – and I have brought up both our children well – one is 11 – the other is 9 – and both are doing well in school.

He: Yes – that is true.

She: Now it is time for a ‘review’ – a Quid Pro Quo.

He: Review…? Quid Pro Quo…?

She: I have decided to start working again – to revive my career – in fact – I have received a very attractive job offer – very promising career prospects and excellent pay package.

He: That’s good.

She: Yes – that’s good. But you will have to quit your job.

He: Why should I quit my job?

She: Because I want a full-time househusband...

He: Househusband’...?

She: Yes. I want a full-time househusband

He: What...? Full-time Househusband’...? I don’t understand.

She: Remember – you wanted a full-time housewife to look after you and the children. You wanted your wife to welcome you home with a cup of tea in the evening when you came back from work – and you did not want the children to come back to an empty home after school. Now – I want the same things – yes – I want a full-time househusband who will welcome me home with a cup of tea when I come home from work in the evening – and who looks after the children too.

He: I hope you are not serious? Do you really want me to quit my job and become a full-time househusband?

She: Of course I am serious. I want you to quit your job and become a full-time househusband.


And so – I quit my job and I became a full-time househusband (aka Stay-at-Home Husband)

Early in the morning – I wake up my breadwinner wife with a cup of tea.

Then – I make her a hot breakfast – help her get ready for work – and kiss her goodbye.

Then – I do all the housework – followed by shopping for groceries and daily use items.

In the afternoon – after doing all the housework – I welcome my children home – and  when they come back from school – I give them a snack – and – I supervise their homework.

And – in the evening – when my wife comes home from work – and I welcome her with a hot cup of tea – and – then – I ask her what she would like for dinner. 


Dear “Faujan”:

I recommend “Quid Pro Quo” Marriage for all “Faujans” (Military Wives and Girls keen to marry Officers from the Army, Navy and Air Force).

Let your “Fauji” husband work in the Armed Forces till he completes 20 years “pensionable” service. 

(After 20 years military service your “Fauji” husband will be entitled to pension and this will be an insurance for him for his survival in case you decide to get rid of him).

At this stage of your life – like in the story  you would have completed around 12-15 years of marriage – and – you are still young enough ready for a full-fledged career. 

Go ahead and realize your career ambitions – while your “Military Veteran” husband performs his role as a full-time stay-at-home Househusband”. 

It works – you can take my word for it.

Of course – I was a bit late in assuming the role of a full-time stay-at-home Househusband”.

Yes – I took more than 33 years to become a Househusband”.

This is because I got “enlightened” a bit too late in life – otherwise  I would have become a full-time stay-at-home Househusband much earlier. 

Of course – if you are 100% sure that your “Fauji” husband will become a General/Admiral/Air Marshal – and – your career ambition is to become the President of AWWA/NWWA/AFWWA – then it is a different ballgame altogether. 

Wish You All the Best

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