Saturday, April 23, 2016

World Book Day Musings – Why I Am Not Writing a Book

Today – April 23 – is World Book Day  

Here is some food for thought on World Book Day

Musings on World Book Day

Many of my ex-navy buddies and friends like you who regularly read my blogs often ask me whether I am going to write a book of my navy memoirs.

Let me try and answer your question and tell you why I am not writing a book of my navy memoirs.

Dear Reader, tell me, have you read these 3 books:

1. WITH A PINCH OF SALT by Commodore Vinod K Sharma

2. AN ENGINEER’S NAVY by Vice Admiral IC Rao

3. THE TAIL HOOKER by Commander Sareshth Kumar

Well, if you haven’t read any of these three books based on navy memoirs, then what is the probability that you will read my book?

Nowadays, very few persons have the time or inclination to buy and read books – but many read blogs – in fact, my Academic and Creative Writing Journal Blog has got almost 2 Million Page Views (1,827,903 Hits to be precise as of now).

More than 1000 readers read my blog every day, from all parts of the globe.

From time to time, I post on my blog some of my hilarious “Humour in Uniform” anecdotes, my Navy Memoirs, which seem to be very popular with my readers, especially my ex-buddies in uniform.

Most of them can read my blog posts on their smartphones while they are travelling or whenever convenient.

It is so easy for me to reach my readers so instantly.

And it is so convenient for my readers to read my writings.

But suppose I go through all the hassles of writing a book of my navy memoirs, I wonder how many copies will be sold, and how many of my readers will actually buy the book and read it.

Even if they want to buy my book, will it be easily available in their neighbourhood bookstore?

Most importantly, is any reputed publisher willing to publish my book of my navy memoirs?

Do such books sell?

Are they financially viable?

That brings me back to the moot question:

How many of you have read the 3 books of navy memoirs I have mentioned at the beginning of this post?

But all of you are reading my blogs, aren’t you?

So why write a book when I can reach you through my blogs.

Now you know the reason why I am not writing a book of my navy memoirs.

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