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Humor in Uniform : “Overtime”

Humor in Uniform : “OVERTIME” 

Recently  I read an amusing new item that  German Army Soldiers Quit a NATO Exercise because they had Exceeded their “Overtime Limits  

This “Overtime” Story made me hark back to our glorious Vizag Days in the 1980’s – almost 30 years ago.

During my longish tenure in Visakhapatnam (Vizag)  I had two appointments  one afloat on a frontline warship  and one ashore in the inimitable Vizag Dockyard.

Serving in a Naval Dockyard is a unique professionally fulfilling experience  and I have permanently etched in my mind  many unforgettable memories of my time in the Yard

Here is a hilarious story which happened during my delightful Vizag Dockyard Days.

Unforgettable Memories of My Navy Life
A Spoof

This happened around 30 years ago during my Vizag Dockyard Days.

A Senior Foreman was promoted to Officer Rank (Civilian Officer).

He called us to his house for a party to celebrate his promotion.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that he had built a posh bungalow.

When we saw the name of his bungalow  we was even more surprised and puzzled.

He had named his bungalow after a submarine  INS “XXX”

Engraved in large letters was the name of his impressive bungalow:


I had never seen anyone name his house after the name of a ship or submarine.

Of course – some old sea dogs had named their homes with the ubiquitous navy name “ANCHORAGE” – but I had not seen any Naval Officer name his house after the name of a ship or submarine.

Hence – I was quite curious about the unusual name for his house  so I asked him the reason for naming his home after a submarine.

“Sir, I could build this bungalow only because of the overtime (OT) I earned from the refit of submarine INS “XXX” – you know, Sir  that “XXX” is under refit for so many years  and we have regular OT almost every day – and so many full night OT and I have been working on the refit of “XXX” right from the beginning  so I got plenty of OT thanks to “XXX” – which I saved to build this bungalow. So I named my bungalow“XXX” House as a mark of gratitude to submarine “XXX” because of whose refit this bungalow was possible...” he candidly said.

“That’s great,” I said.

Then I laughed and remarked to him: “By the way – the way the refit of “XXX” is progressing  it appears that it may take many more years to finish  and I am sure you will earn much more Overtime (OT) from the remaining refit of “XXX” – and you will be able to build an even more lavish bungalow – maybe you can name it “XXX” PALACE or “XXX” MANSION...

“Sir – sadly that is not possible,” he said.

“Not possible – why?” I asked him.

“Sir – now I have become an Officer – and Officers do not get Overtime (OT),” he said, with a pensive look on his face.

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