Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Superwoman


Here is a poem I wrote long back called: “superwoman”.

I wrote this poem after observing a “superwoman”.

Do tell me if you like the poem.

Story of a Multi-Faceted Multi-Tasking Modern Woman
A Poem 

Super Woman  everyone said.

Super Competent  her appreciative employers said.

Super Reliable  her impressed clients said.

Super Talented  her professional peers said.

Super Boss  her devoted subordinates said.

Super Bitch  her jealous frustrated loser colleagues said. 

Super Shrewd  her business rivals said.

Super Fit  her fitness freak buddies at her gym said.

Super Sexy  her admirers said.

Super Lover  her lovers said.

Super Achiever  her teachers and professors said.

Super Parent  her children’s teachers said.

Super Friend  all her acquaintances said.

Super Daughter  her parents and in-laws said.

Super Wife  her husband said.

Super Mom  her children said 

(But secretly  her children wished that their mother stayed home like their grandmother who was always there for them)

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