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Gender Ambiguity : Yin-Yang Imbalance

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April Fool Musings

In modern urban India  at least in modern metropolitan cities of India  I am observing an amusing cultural metamorphosis taking place.

The thrust in professional education for women has done wonders  and opened up increasing opportunities for young women.

Almost all young urban women work  and  they take their careers seriously.

There are hardly any full-time housewives or “homemakers” these days. 

Women are achieving financial independence  and  women are no longer dependent on their “breadwinner” husbands. 

As women work shoulder-to-shoulder with men  modern women are developing masculine traits.

Yes  in order to achieve gender equality  especially at the workplace  women can no longer act in the quintessential delicate feminine manner of yesteryear India.

In order to succeed in their careers and to break the glass ceiling  women have to become more “masculine” in nature  and this transformation is visible in their personality.

“She-Women” are becoming “He-Women.

However  a corresponding reverse transformation is not taking place among men.

Men are not developing feminine traits.

“He-Men” are not becoming “She-Men”.

Earlier  we had “She-Women” and “He-Men”.

Now  we have “He-Women” and “He-Men.

This metamorphosis is disturbing the “gender equilibrium” in society.

You must have heard of Yin-Yang Balance.

A Woman is Yin.

A Man is Yang.

Yin is passive  oppressed and feminine.

Yang is active  bright and masculine.

Male toughness is balanced by Female gentleness.

Masculine Traits are balanced by Feminine Traits.

Thus  gender balance or gender equilibrium is maintained.

Yin-Yang Balance helps maintain Harmony.

Disturbing the delicately poised “gender equilibrium” may upset Yin-Yang Balance.

Upsetting the Yin-Yang Balance  will – in turn  cause gender related stress, tension, conflict and disharmony in society. 

We are already seeing increasing evidence of such disharmony  and its consequent ramifications  which include gender based crime  violence and abuse  and the rise in divorce rates, breakups and marital discord.

What is the solution?

Well  if you are a “mathematician” – or a “scientist”  – you will say: 

It is simple – just balance the “gender equilibrium” equation.

If increasing masculinization of women is balanced by corresponding feminization of men  gender balance will be restored  and the problem will be mitigated.

All you have to do is: 

Balance the increasing number of “he-women” by a corresponding number of “she-men”.

But  this is easier said than done.

In today’s urban scenario  owing to compulsions of the workplace  or as a consequence of cultural modernization in society  women are developing masculine traits.

Yes  “she-women” are increasingly becoming “he-women”.

Now  in order to achieve Yin-Yang Balance  and restore gender equilibrium  are modern men prepared to imbibe feminine traits...?

Are “He-Men” prepared to become “She-Men” in order to counterbalance the effect of “She-Women” becoming “He-Women”...?

If this does not happen  Yin-Yang balance will be disturbed. 

Society will become increasingly “masculine” in nature.

The consequential ramifications of this behavioural imbalance will not augur well for societal harmony in general – and for gender harmony in particular.

Think about it.

I look forward to your comments and views. 

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