Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Frustration Management : Humor in Uniform


A Spoof

Long back  when I was in the Navy  I once had a terrible Boss.

Every morning  he used to reach office in a foul mood  and he would start shouting at me and everyone else  and this would spoil our mood  and vitiate the office atmosphere for the entire day.

One day I got fed up – and  I complained to the Commanding Officer (CO). 

I told the CO how my Boss shouted at me for no rhyme or reason early in the morning every day  how my Boss started shouting and abusing me the moment he reached the office in the morning. 

This spoilt the atmosphere in the office for the whole day – and his terrible behaviour was demoralizing me and affecting my health.

I told the CO that I did not want to serve under this individual  and I asked for a transfer out of the department.

The CO refused my request.

He asked me to try and understand the situation.

The CO told me that my Boss had a very unhappy family life – and this caused a lot of pent up frustration and anger within him.

Hence  my Boss took out all his bottled-up anger by shouting at me – the moment he reached office.

The CO told me ignore the ranting of my boss  and he offered me this rational explanation:

“People who are unhappy at home vent out their frustrations at work – they shout at their subordinates and colleagues. Your Boss is unhappy at home – so  the moment he comes to office  he shouts at you  and he vents out his domestic frustrations...” the CO explained.

“Sir  conversely  can it be argued  that those individuals who are unhappy in office  and those who are frustrated at work – do they go home and release their pent up anger and take it out on their wives and families...?” I asked.

“Yes  that is true – I have seen some persons who are unhappy at work venting out their bottled-up work frustrations at home...” the CO said.

I looked at the CO  and I asked him, tongue-in-cheek:

“Sir  what about those people who are unhappy at both places – work and home – persons who are unhappy at work and also unhappy at home...?”

The CO looked at me curiously  and he asked me: “Are there really such persons who are unhappy both at home and work...? Well  I really don’t know what they do.”

I said to the CO: “I will tell you what they do, Sir.”

“Go ahead,” he said, “tell me.”

So  I said to him:

“People who are frustrated at work and who also have an unhappy family life  they take out their frustrations and vent out their pent up anger while commuting to work and back home  to and fro  they vent out their home anger while driving to work   and  they vent out their work frustrations while driving back home from work...” 


“Yes, Sir – these are the road-rage types who are always on a short-fuse and holler at the slightest instance at their fellow travellers in the traffic and even at their vehicles.”

Dear Reader  so now you know the reason for Road Rage

If you see some persons losing their cool while driving to work  and also while driving back home  please sympathize with these road-rage types  they have an unhappy family life  and – they also have a frustrated work life  poor things!

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