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SUNDOWNER - a Ginger Lemon a Day will keep the Doctor Away

My Favourite Pick Me Up “SUNDOWNER”

I love to exercise in the evenings – it makes you feel good and ensures sound sleep. In my heyday I used to play games or swim till I was physically exhausted and then I would soothe my tiredness by having a relaxing warm water bath. 

After that, as the sun set and twilight engulfed the sky, I would sit with a glass of Rum Pani (or occasionally Whisky-Soda), sipping slowly, allowing the alcohol to gently permeate through my inner self, till I was soaked in that wonderful feeling of drowsy relaxation which I cannot describe in words.

I have realized that if you want to really enjoy your food you should build up an appetite for it. 

It is the same for drinking - you have to build up an appetite for it. 

It has been my personal experience that I have truly enjoyed drinking the most whenever I had created the proper inner ambience for the enjoyment of alcohol.

But those were my halcyon days. 

Now, on the wrong side of 50, every evening, I go for a long walk with my pet dog Sherry followed by some light exercise in the Gym and after that I have the same relaxing warm water bath. 

Then, I sit in my tall open balcony, watching the sun set to my right, the orange ball of fire being swallowed and doused by the tranquil waters of the river Mula. 

Soon, after the riot of colours in the sky is over, twilight engulfs the surroundings and there is the awesome spectacle of twinkling lights on the Bangalore Mumbai highway in the distance and in the tall buildings in Pune across the river even farther away.

But in my hand there is no longer a glass of Rum Pani or Whisky Soda. 

Nowadays, I gently sip from a glass of my favourite sun-downer – chilled Ginger Lemon Soda.

It was on a typical hot sultry Mumbai afternoon in Dadar, many years ago, that I had my first taste of Ginger Lemon. 

The first sip was so refreshing and fortifying that I go hooked to this superbly tasty invigorating drink ever since. 

Delicious thirst quencher Ginger Lemon Cool Drink was available all over Mumbai, and in my neighbourhood restaurant Vihar, near Churchgate, they blended it in a mixer, so that it looked like an emulsion. 

I used to pick up bottles of Tina's Ginger-Lemon (my favourite brand) and make a glass of Ginger Lemon with soda at home whenever I felt like having a stimulating pick-me-up.

Soon I quit drinking alcohol and I realized that a cold glass of Ginger Lemon Soda was the ideal substitute – the drink I enjoyed most. 

I love its sweet and sour tangy taste and instant feel-good restorative effect.

In Pune, I could not find my favourite Tina’s Ginger Lemon so I make do with Mapro Lemon Ginger Squash which is nearly as good. 

RECIPE for Home Made Ginger Lemon Squash

It is easy to make Ginger Lemon Squash at home too. 

Put a cup of sugar, two cups of water and a spoon of freshly crushed ginger paste (with all its fibres) in a vessel on slow fire and keep stirring till it becomes syrupy. 

Then add half a cup of fresh lemon juice, stir a bit, and your Ginger Lemon Squash is ready. 

If you want fibres (to give you that extra “kick”) don’t strain the squash, otherwise you can strain it. 

Transfer to a bottle and keep in your fridge – you must keep it in a cool place and finish it quite fast  since there are no preservatives.

A refreshing glass of Ginger Lemon Soda is not only much tastier, but also much healthier than your customary evening glass of Whisky Soda or Rum Pani, and it is an excellent appetizer too. 

Both Ginger and Lemon have many beneficial health properties and a glass of ginger lemon soda a day will surely keep the doctor away.

That calls for a “drink”.


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