Thursday, March 22, 2012

WHERE DOES GOD LIVE? - a Mulla Nasrudin Story

a Mulla Nasrudin Story

Someone told Nasrudin that begging was a very lucrative profession.
Eager to earn some extra money, Nasrudin wore tattered clothes and early in the morning stood outside a place of worship.  

By the end of the day all he had collected were a few one rupee coins.

In sheer disgust he decided to have a drink and walked towards a bar.

As he was approaching the bar a group of people came out of the bar in high spirits, quite drunk and singing merrily. On seeing Nasrudin's tattered appearance, one of them thrust a hundred rupee note in Nasrudin's hand.
“Oh, Almighty,” Nasrudin said looking up to God,  “Strange are your ways. You give one address but live in another place.”


Sahithya Sridhar said...

haa.... nice anecdote.. :)

Saru Singhal said...

His stories are the best! You always learn something with a smile on your face.