Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MY MINERVA MOMENT - Smoke Rings Dissolve - I am Free - A Haiku

My Minerva Moment 
A Haiku 
Vikram Karve

Here is a Haiku titled "My Minerva Moment" I wrote many years ago to celebrate the moment I quit smoking to describe my freedom from the bondage of smoke rings.


smoke rings
chains of bondage
like handcuffs

fresh breeze
smoke rings dissolve
I am free

Oh yes, Dear Reader, this is exactly what I felt like when I freed myself from the smoking habit - conquering an addiction is like freedom from bondage


My Unfinished Life said...


Andrew said...

Simply Amazing..!!! i have felt smoking for 'Lent' thanks to your articles on "Quitting Smoking". Now i have decided to Quit smoking once and for all... This shot article is just the boost i needed... THANK YOU....

I am an avid reader of your blogs every day... Love them....

Vikram Waman Karve said...

Thanks Andrew and Shooting Star. I am glad you are quitting smoking Andrew.