Thursday, March 15, 2012

The End of Encyclopedia Britannica

The End of Encyclopedia Britannica 

I am sure you have referred to Encyclopedia Britannica. 

In fact, Encyclopedia Britannica was a must on the bookshelves of every library, big or small, academic or personal. 

f you wanted any information you looked in Encyclopedia Britannica. That is what I did for so many years, so I had to have a set of Encyclopedia Britannica within easy reach

The advent of the internet changed all that. Gradually, as search engines improved, I began searching more and more on internet and I realized I was consulting Encyclopedia Britannica  lesser and lesser. The younger generation has probably not even heard of Encyclopedia Britannica and are more conversant with Google and Wikipedia which they use for searching for information or knowledge.

Finally, the sad day has come. After 244 years, the publishers of Encyclopedia Britannica has decided to stop printing the multi-volume set of the encyclopedia, a new edition of which is published and printed every two years. The 32-volume set printed in 2010 will be its last paper version of Encyclopedia Britannica.

The Death of the Printed Book seems near.

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A Sad Day, isn't it?

But one thing is sure. Encyclopedia Britannica was a reliable repository of information. I wonder how reliable the various internet sources of information like Wikipedia and other internet websites which show up in Google search are?

Good Bye, Encyclopedia Britannica.

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Wikipedia need a hard back version