Monday, February 15, 2016

How Well Do You Know Your Spouse (Husband/Wife)…?

Musings of a “Much Married” Veteran


Yesterday – a very funny thing happened.

We dropped in at my wife’s sister’s place on Sunday Morning.

She was making ‘Masala Dosa’ – so she asked us to sit down – and brought a freshly made ‘Masala Dosa’ for us.

Since my wife hadn’t eaten anything since morning – I gave the ‘Masala Dosa’ to my wife and said to her: “You eat first…”

“Don’t you know that I hate ‘Masala Dosa’…?” my wife said to me.

I thought you like ‘Masala Dosa’…” I said to my wife.

“No – I hate ‘Masala Dosa’…” my wife said angrily to me, “You tell me – have you ever seen me eating ‘Masala Dosa’…?”

I was taken aback by her diatribe – so I said to her: “We have gone out so many times to ‘Udipi’ restaurants for South Indian Snacks…”

“But did you ever see me eating ‘Masala Dosa’…? I never eat ‘Dosa’. I always eat ‘Idli Sambar’ or ‘Vada Sambar’ – you don’t even notice what I eat…” my wife said irately to me, “You know nothing about my likes and dislikes. Do you even know what colours I like – what clothes I like to wear…?”

I kept quiet.

By the way – we – my wife and I – we are not a newly married couple.

We are married for almost 34 years.

It is extraordinary how close you can be to someone – and still know nothing about him/her.

Just like the ‘Masala Dosa’ example – it took more than 33 years of marriage and a trip to New Zealand for me to realize that my wife likes a ‘Zoo’ better than ‘Museum’.

All this reminds me of a story about a “much married” couple like us.

Let me tell you the story.


A “happily” married couple was celebrating the golden jubilee of their married life - the 50th wedding anniversary of their very happy and successful marriage.

The husband and wife - they both loved Mangoes.

So – they decided to start the glorious day with a delicious Alphonso (Hapus) Mango.

Before breakfast – the wife cut a ripe Alphonso Mango.

While serving the mango – the subservient docile wife thought in her mind:

“For 50 years I have always sacrificed my own desires – and I have been considerate towards my husband.

I always gave him the deliciously sweet ‘cheek of the mango’ – those succulent fleshy slices next to the skin of the mango – which I love to eat.

And – I myself always sacrificed my desires – and I ate the sour pulpy part enveloping the ‘seed of the mango’ – which I hate.

Enough is Enough…!!!

Today I am going to enjoy the delicious ‘cheeks of the mango’ – and I will savour the heavenly sweet fleshy slices myself.

And – for once – I will let my husband have the sour fibrous pulpy ‘seed of the mango’…”

So – the wife took for herself the sweet chunky slices of the ‘cheeks of the mango’ (which she liked).

She gave her husband the sour pulpy ‘seed of the mango’ (which she hated).

Then  the wife waited for her husband’s reaction with bated breath.

To her utter surprise – and contrary to her fears – her husband was very happy.

The husband kissed the wife’s hand – and he said to her:

“My Darling – Thank You so much.

You have just given me the greatest joy on our wonderful 50th wedding anniversary day.

For 50 years – I sacrificed my desires – and I never ever asked you for the luscious tangy ‘seed of the mango’ – which is what I like the most.

I quietly ate the insipid ‘cheeks of the mango’ which you always served me – even though I do not like them – because I always wanted you to enjoy and relish the tangy pulpy ‘seed of the mango’ which is so tasty.

Now – on our 50th wedding anniversary you have understood and appreciated my sacrifice – and – for the first time since our wedding – you have given me the ‘seed of the mango’ which I always desired for so many years.”


Dear Reader – reflect a bit – and tell us:

“How well do you know your spouse…?”

How well do you know your husband, your wife, your partner, your children, your parents, your close relatives, your friends, your colleagues…?

Are you close to some persons – and still you know nothing about them…?

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