Thursday, February 18, 2016

She Loves Me – She Loves Me Not

Short Fiction – A Love Story


“Are you crazy…? You are refusing a prestigious foreign assignment just because of her…?”

“Yes. I always want to be near her. I can’t bear to go so far away from her.”

“So – if we send her along with you on the foreign assignment – then you are ready to go.”


“Sorry – but we cannot do that – there is only one vacancy – only one person can go on that foreign assignment – and it is you.”

“Then – I will refuse to go on the foreign assignment – I told you that I cannot bear to be so far away from her – and that too for so many days.”

“You seem to be crazily in love with her.”

“Yes. I love her so much – that I hate weekends – when I have to be without her. I desperately wait for Monday – when I can be with her in the office.”

“You don’t see her on weekends…? Are you telling me that you haven’t even taken her out on a date…?”

“No. We meet only in office.”

“I hope you have told her that you love her.”

“No. There is no need to for me to tell her that I love her.”

“What do you mean by ‘there is no need to tell her that you love her’…? How will she come to know that you love her…?”

“She knows that I love her.”

“But – does she love you…?”

“Yes. She loves me.”

“How do you know…? Did she tell you that she loves you…?”

“There is no need for her to tell me that she loves me – I know that she loves me.”

“Well – that I am going to find out.”



“Well – I have found out about her. You will be shocked to know that she does not love you. Yes – she does not love you.”

“Of course she loves me.”

“No – she does not love you.”

“How do you know?”

“You refused to go on the foreign assignment – because you are so much in love with her – that you could not bear to be separated from her.”


“Well – I offered her the same foreign assignment – and – she accepted.”


“Yes. I told her that she would have to go overseas all alone – that – she would have to stay abroad for at least one year. I thought she would refuse – like you did – because she is in love with you. But – she jumped at the opportunity. She said she was ready to fly abroad even today – if required.”


“Yes. We offered her the foreign assignment – and she accepted. So now – she will be going abroad on that prestigious foreign assignment – instead of you.”

“Oh, No…!”

“Meanwhile – you can fall in love with someone else in the office – then – take a rose flower – and start plucking its petals – and – play the game – ‘She Loves Me – She Loves Me Not’…”

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