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Do You Have a Loving and Caring Wife

Short Fiction Story

Let me delve into my Creative Writing Archives and pull out a story I wrote 3 years ago  I wrote this love story in March 2013 (titled: EPIPHANY)

Here is the story once more, abridged, revised and updated, for you to read.

Do tell me if you like the story

EPIPHANY – A Love Story By Vikram Karve


ANITA – My Wife
RITA – My ex-fiancee who dumped me and broke our engagement

One month after my wife Anita died  I decided to shift out of my house to an old age home.

Anita had been such a loving and caring wife for 50 years  and her memories so haunted our home  that I could not bear to live here any longer.

So  I started going through our belongings – deciding which things to take with me to keep forever  and – which things to dispose off.

First  I sorted my belongings.

Then – I started going through Anita’s things.

I found the envelope hidden at the bottom of my wife Anita’s jewellery box – below her ornaments – when I was clearing her private cupboard.

The envelope was open. 

There was a letter inside.

I started reading the letter.

Dear Anita,

Since you frankly told me everything about you and George last evening I could not sleep all night.

I thought over the matter. 

I also talked to my parents.

I have decided to break my engagement with George.

I think this will be best for all of us.

I am enclosing inside this envelope the engagement ring that George gave me.

This engagement ring now rightfully belongs to you.

Dear Anita  I wish you a happy married life with George.

I have decided to go abroad to my aunt’s place in London for a few months to cool off and get over this sudden disappointment.

My parents will inform George and his parents about the broken engagement.

Yours sincerely,
21 February 1966

Yes  it was Rita’s handwriting – no doubt about it.

How can I ever forget her typical cursive handwriting style...?

And  below her signature  as was her habit  Rita had meticulously written the date: 21 February 1966.

Dear Reader – you guessed right – I am George.

Today is the 21st of February 2016.

50 years have passed since Rita wrote this letter  which I am seeing for the first time in my life today.

Yes  it is for the first time in my life that I am seeing this letter  which Rita wrote to to Anita.

Till this day  I did not know that Anita had met Rita on the 20th of December 1966  just one week after my engagement with Rita.

And  immediately after Anita met Rita – Rita broke her engagement with me.

I don’t know what terrible lies Anita told Rita that made Rita take the extreme step of breaking our engagement and dumping me so cruelly.

I can never forget how stunned, devastated and vulnerable I was, when I naively walked into Anita’s compassionate and welcoming arms.

And just imagine – all these years I thought that Anita was a kindhearted loving woman  who had rescued me  and pulled me out of the abyss of depression  after Rita broke the engagement and dumped me.

Yes  all these 50 years I was ever grateful to Anita for her act of kindness – I thought Anita had done me a big favour by marrying me  after I had been dumped by Rita.

Now  after 50 years  I know  that in fact  it was my wife Anita who had orchestrated my breakup with my then fiancee Rita  by telling her false stories about me.

Did Anita tell Rita that Anita and Me were having an affair...?

Or  was it something worse...?

Had Anita falsely told Rita that she – Anita  was pregnant with my child...?

What lies had Anita told Rita  that made Rita suddenly break off the engagement  without even talking to me?

I was totally devastated  when Rita’s father had called up to break the engagement.

I had instantly sunk into a terrible depression.

And  all these 50 years  I thought Anita was such a loving and caring woman  who had pulled me out of my depression by marrying me.

Now  after reading the letter  I know that Anita was a devious woman  who had intentionally torpedoed and sabotaged my engagement with Rita made me emotionally vulnerable  and then – trapped me into marriage.

Now – after knowing all this – I hate Anita – bloody scheming bitch …

My blood boils …

But  I control the train of my thoughts.

There is no point thinking ill of the dead.

But  what exactly did Anita tell Rita?

I will never know.

Anita is dead.

And Rita – she disappeared from my life forever – yes – Rita had disappeared – vanished into thin air  forever.

50 years have passed.

Maybe  Rita is dead.

And even if Rita is alive  and  even if I do meet her now  what is the point of asking her anything.

Will Rita believe what I have to say...?

It is all over. 

I will never know the falsehoods – the lies  the untruths about me – that Anita told Rita. 

I will have to live with this burden for the few remaining years of my life.

But hey  where is the engagement ring I had given Rita...?

It was an exclusive diamond-studded solid-gold engagement ring which had cost me a fortune. 

Rita’s letter says that the ring is in the envelope along with the letter that she had given Anita.

I look inside the envelope.

There is no ring in the envelope.

I search Anita’s jewellery box  her cupboard  everywhere – but I cannot find the ring anywhere.

Anita must have sold it – yes  that cheap woman must have sold the expensive engagement ring.

What a terrible woman...?

Not content with breaking my engagement  Anita even sells the engagement ring. 

So – it is becoming clear that Anita did many devious things.

First  Anita contrives the breaking up of my engagement with Rita by telling Rita false stories about me.

Then  when I am down in the dumps due to the broken engagement  Anita makes me believe  that she is doing me a big favour by marrying me.

Of course – worst of all – Anita never shows me Rita’s letter in which Rita has sent Anita the expensive engagement ring.

And  the worst thing of all – Anita sells off the exclusive diamond-studded solid-gold engagement ring.

My wife Anita. 

My late wife Anita.

What a terrible woman...?

How wicked can one get...?

And  just imagine – all these 50 years I thought Anita was such a loving and caring wife.

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