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Social Media – Fake Identity and Bogus Profiles


Do you use a pseudonym or anonymous “handle” or fake identity on the Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Blogs etc)...?

Are your afraid of using your actual name and identity on the Social Media...?

In today’s information technology age  everyone has a cyber identity.

So  all you have to do is to see the person’s profile on Facebook  or any other social networking site like LinkedIn, Google, Blogger, Gravatar, Twitter, Yahoo etc – and you can find out the extent of genuineness in the individual’s cyber identity.

Is the person using her actual name or is he/she hiding behind a pseudonym or anonymous “handle” or fake identity...? 

Look at the individual’s Profile and Display Picture (DP) – is it genuine or fake...?

I do not trust a person who blogs anonymously  or uses a fake identity or fancy sounding “handle” on social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. 

Do you...?

I really wonder why shy away from using their own names on the Social Media...?

If you value your privacy so much – isn’t it better to avoid the social media altogether – rather than create fake identities or hide behind anonymous “handles” or pseudonyms...? 

Here is an article on this subject based on my talk at a Bloggers Workshop a few years ago. 

Though the post pertains to Blogging – it is equally relevant to Social Media as well. 


For reasons best known to them  many Bloggers hide behind masks of anonymity.

They blog under fictitious identities using fancy nom de plumes or “handles”.  

Their blogs have chic and swanky titles which bear no correlation to the content of their blogs. 

Some use names of great literary persons and works from history as pseudonyms (handles) and others use catchy monikers which bear no resemblance whatsoever to their actual personalities.

Why are some bloggers reluctant to give a “face” to their blogs?

What was the need to blog “anonymously?” 

Why hide behind a handle ?

Why are some bloggers are shy of giving their full details on their blogs? 

Are they ashamed of what they are writing on their blogs or is there some other reason?

All this lack of transparency results in a sort of trust deficit about the blogger and is certainly not beneficial to the blogger in the long run.


If you really wanted to benefit from blogging here are five tips for you to follow:

1. Blog under your Real Identity 

If you are really serious about blogging  you must not hesitate to mention your actual name  make a genuine profile – and upload your proper picture on your blog. 

Yes – you must create a proper profile  and  it is desirable to give your contact details too.

Be transparent and truthful about identity.

Is there any point in trying to blog “anonymously” – or by using a “fake” identity? 

Who are you trying to fool?

It is best to avoid using fancy “handles” and exotic nom de plumes  

Also – it does not make any sense to blog “anonymously”.

2. The Title of your Blog must reflect the Content of the Blog

Before you name your blog  think about the theme or topics you are going to blog about. 

This must be reflected in the title of your blog. 

Do not confuse the reader and search engines with vague or fancy titles that have no bearing on the content of your blog. 

If it is your personal blog  then it is a good idea to include your name in the title of your blog.

3. Blog Regularly

You must blog regularly, the more frequent the better.

You must aim to write one post daily  yes a blog post a day. 

If you cannot blog every day, be consistent, have a regular schedule and stick to your schedule  Blogging must become a habit.

4. Avoid lengthy Blog Posts

Typically  it is best to keep your blog posts under 500 words due to the limited span of attention of a reader when reading on screen vis-à-vis reading on paper

5. Ensure Good Quality of Content

Yes  content is the supreme factor that will attract readers to your Blog.

As they say  CONTENT IS KING  good content will attract and retain readers.

PS: It is easy to preach – but difficult to practice – and – I too struggle daily to adhere to my own suggestions. And – you may ask me – what am I giving unsolicited advice to others – well – I have been blogging for around 12 years now – and this blog which I started around 7 years ago will soon reach 18 Lakh page-views (and gets around 1000 hits every day) – and – I am quite active in the Social Media too.


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