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Discriminatory Army Promotion Policy Struck Down By Armed Forces Tribunal

Broadsword: Tribunal strikes down divisive army promotion poli...:
By Ajai Shukla Business Standard, 7th March 14
In a landmark ruling on Monday, the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) struck down a contentious army promotion policy, which has deeply divided the officer class since it was implemented in 2009...
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My Comments Below:

(The discriminatory promotion policy rigged promotions in favour of the two biggest arms - infantry and artillery - by allocating them an unfairly large number of promotion vacancies in the rank of colonel)

Government (Defence Minister) needs to thoroughly revise the promotion policies in the 3 Services (Army Navy Air Force) in order to undo the branch discrimination created due to mischief of certain officers and ensure equitable promotion prospects for defence officers of all arms/services/branches.

In fact, in today's technology driven world, the Technical Arms/Branches of the 3 Services need to be brought on par with the Non-Technical Arms/Branches.

How can the Defence Services attract good Technical Officers if promotion policies discriminate against them and favour Non-Technical Officers?

The time has come to have "branchless" defence services with well-qualified "high-tech" officers with all-round development.

Once Officers reach high rank - they need to shed their arm/branch loyalty and look after the entire service in a holistic manner by being fair to all officers and men as parochial, partisan and discriminatory Human Resource (HR) Policies lower morale.

Such unethical and unfair HR practices that result in discord and litigation give the impression that Service Officers are unable to properly manage their own Services and require Bureaucrats of MoD to supervise them.
HR and Promotion Policies must be fair and transparent.

The Armed Forces must first clean up their insides, before taking on the "Babus".

Click Link Below to Read Article by Ajai Shukla in his Broadsword Blog

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