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Ancient Wisdom Story

Are you planning to get married?

Are you looking for a soulmate?

Are you searching for the perfect wife or husband?


Then I think you must read this apocryphal Mulla Nasrudin Story titled THE PERFECT WIFE

THE PERFECT WIFE - an apocryphal story retold by Vikram Karve

Mulla Nasrudin was sitting in a tea shop  when a friend came excitedly to speak with him.

“I am about to get married,” his friend said, “and I am so very excited.”

“Congratulations,” Mulla Nasrudin said, nonchalant, glum, poker-faced.

“Tell me, Nasrudin  have you ever thought of marriage yourself?” the about to get married friend asked Mulla Nasrudin who had remained a chronic bachelor. 

Yes  Mulla Nasrudin was still a bachelor despite his advancing years.

Nasrudin replied, “Of course I did think of getting married. In fact  I very much wanted to get married.”

“So, what happened...? Why did you not get married...?” the friend asked curious.

I wanted to find for myself the perfect wife,” Nasrudin said, “so I travelled all over the world searching for the perfect wife. I first went to Damascus. There I met a beautiful woman who was gracious, kind, and deeply spiritual  but she had no worldly knowledge.”

“Oh, how sad...!” said the friend, “then what did you do...?”

"Then I travelled further and went to Isfahan. There I met a woman who was both spiritual and worldly, beautiful in many ways  but her social graces were not of the highest standards.”

“What a tragedy? Then what did you do? You gave up on marriage?” the friend asked.

“No – No – I don’t give up so easily – and I very much wanted to get married – so I kept on searching for the perfect wife  and I travelled all over the world meeting so many women – yes  for many years  I kept on searching and searching for the perfect wife,” Nasrudin said.

“And did you find her? Tell me  did you finally find the perfect wife...?” the friend asked eagerly.

“Yes,” Nasrudin said, “after travelling all over finally I went to Cairo  and there after much searching I found her – the perfect woman for me. She was exactly what I wanted – she was spiritually profound  intellectually accomplished  extremely graceful  and she was truly beautiful in every respect  at home in the world  and at home in the realms beyond it  I knew I had found the perfect wife.”

“Then why did you not marry her?” the friend asked excitedly.

“Alas,” said Nasrudin as he shook his head in dismay, “Unfortunately  she was searching for the perfect husband.”


Nowadays, in the context of marriage  a big deal is made about marital compatibility and things like finding the right soul-mate etc. 

It is because of such ideas that some individuals who want to get married just cannot make up their minds. 

For example  there is this beautiful and bright young “Techie” girl. 

She wants to get married  but it seems that she just cannot seem to a suitable boy who satisfies her “stringent requirements. 

In case she prefers a “love marriage  she is surrounded by so many “eligible” boys – she has so many nice male colleagues at work  and so many boys in her friends circle.

Yes  she has so many good boys to choose from  to fall in love with  and to get married. 

In case she wants to go in for an arranged marriage  her parents and well-wishers have already lined up so many eligible boys for her. 

In fact  she has already “seen” and “rejected” a large number of boys  much to the disappointment and embarrassment of her parents. 

None of the boys seems to come up to her perfect standards and high expectations.

But one thing is sure  she does want to get married.

Maybe she needs to read this apocryphal Mulla Nasrudin Teaching story: THE PERFECT WIFE


Though this story applies to matrimony  let us look at the story from a higher plane.

Please close your eyes and introspect. 
Though this story is about marriage (finding the perfect wife)  it applies to everyone who is obsessed with perfection in any aspect of life  the so-called “perfectionists”.
Do apply the story to yourself, to others, to situations you have observed yourself and others who strive for achieving perfection to the point of obsession. 
They not only want things to be perfect  they also want people to be perfect.
And as far as Matrimonial Search is concerned  if you are young and you are searching for a perfect soulmate as your spouse  do remember this story of Mulla Nasrudin and his never ending search for a perfect wife until it was too late.
Otherwise you will keep searching for your perfect soulmate all your life  until it is too late  and maybe you will remain single all your life  as there will be no one left for you to marry.

Let me end on a personal note.
I married the first girl I saw (as a part of the arranged matrimony system). 
She is certainly not a perfect” wife  in fact she did not even not know how to cook and she was clueless in most matters.
By the way  I am no perfect” husband either.
In fact  we are most incompatible.
However   the “imperfect” marriage (of the “imperfect” wife and the “imperfect” husband) is still going strong for 33 years now.
So stop wasting your time searching for the elusive perfect soulmate  and get on with whoever is available  and let things work out  unless, of course  you want to remain a “happy” unmarried bachelor all your life.

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