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Cooking and Eating

Before we got married – my wife frankly told me that she did not know how to cook.

She was true to her word.

However – I loved cooking (and eating) – especially in my prime days.

And – of course – since my wife was a “pure vegetarian” – all the “non-vegetarian” dishes were cooked by me.

Here is a delicious “melt-in-the-mouth” chicken dish – which tastes different from the run-of-the-mill curries and gravies.

You can rustle up this dish in a jiffy.

This simple chicken dish is ideal for busy people – like harried “homemakers”, working women and hungry bachelors who want a quick delicious bite.


Boneless Chicken Pieces – 400 gm (half a small broiler)

(Clean, joint, cut and de-bone one broiler chicken into medium size pieces. The best is to get skinless frozen boneless chicken pieces from your store – thaw, wash and keep ready)

Onions – 2 (sliced into rings)

Whole Spices (Cloves, Green Cardamom, Cinnamon, Peppercorns)

Salt – To Taste (optional)

Red Chilli Powder – To Taste (Half to One Teaspoon)

Whipped Fresh Cream – One Cup

Milk – Half Cup (optional)

Butter – Half Cup

Sugar – 2 Teaspoons

Tomato Ketchup – Half Cup

Fresh “Laadi Pav”/Buns (or Freshly Fried/Grilled Garlic Bread)


1. Heat half a cup of butter in a pan (medium hot flame).

2. Add two teaspoons of sugar and brown the sugar a bit.

3. Add a few cloves, green cardamoms, a generous piece of cinnamon, and a few peppercorns – and let the whole spices crackle a bit.

4. Add onion rings and stir till translucent and brownish.

5. Add the boneless chicken pieces.

6. Stir fry – and cook till chicken pieces are golden brown.

7. Add red chilli powder to taste (half to one spoon).

8. Sauté (stir and fry) the chicken pieces – till the chicken pieces look nice and browned.

9. Lower the flame.

10. Pour in one cup of tomato ketchup.

11. Place the lid on the pan and simmer on slow fire for around 10 minutes till the chicken is nicely tender and succulent (Taste from time to time).

(At this stage, you must sample the chicken to ascertain whether it is fully cooked)

12. Once you feel that the chicken is fully cooked, simmer for a moment on low fire and smoothly blend in one cup of whipped cream followed by half a cup of milk and gently thicken on slow fire for about 2 minutes without the lid on taking care to see that the gravy does not curdle.

(You must stir very tenderly, watching the bubbles, for just a few minutes till the cream fully intermingles and smoothens into the gravy. Adding Milk is optional – if you want to you can thin down the gravy a bit by blending in some milk and simmering on slow fire with lid open for a while – but take care that the gravy doesn’t curdle).

The Yummy Chicken is now “Ready to Eat”.

[I do not add salt to this dish – but if you must – please do so right at the end to avoid curdling of the milk gravy]


Relish hot with freshly baked soft laadi pav or buns.

Dip the bun generously in the gravy – put it on your tongue – close your eyes – and revel in gastronomic bliss.

Then press a piece of the succulent mouthwatering chicken between your tongue and palate and savor the heavenly experience as the delicious chicken releases its mellifluous fragrance, spicy aroma and luscious juices as it dissolves on your tongue and melts in your mouth.

“Yummy Chicken” tastes heavenly with Fresh Hot Garlic Bread too.

“Yummy Chicken” must be eaten piping hot.

You must polish it off in one sitting – because it doesn’t taste delicious if reheated.

Isn’t this “Yummy Chicken” recipe breathtaking in its simplicity?

You can make it “chop-chop” in a jiffy – isn’t it? 

So – Dear Fellow Foodie – what are you waiting for?

Why don’t you try this recipe tonight and tell us all about it.


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