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Value-For-Money “Eating In”

When I lived in happening places like South Mumbai and New Delhi – we used to “eat out”.

But after relocating to Wakad (in the suburbs of Pune) – we “eat in”.

Sadly – in Wakad – there are very few decent affordable ‘value-for-money’ restaurants where you can “eat out”.

So if you are a foodie – and you happen to live in Wakad – then – whenever you feel hungry – the best thing to do is to pick up your mobile phone and order your food “home delivery” and “eat in” – yes – it is best to eat outside food in the comfort of your home.

When I lived in Mumbai from 2000 – 2006 (the best 6 years of my life) – I used to go on super-long “food walks” every evening (and on Sunday Mornings).

I started blogging about my foodie adventures in Mumbai – and some of these “foodie” blog posts were compiled in a book APPETITE FOR A STROLL (my first book which made me a “published author”).

And for the benefit of fellow foodies in Mumbai – on my blog – I posted “A Trencherman’s ‘Value-for-Money’ Mumbai Good Food Guide” (yes – as far as food is considered – I am a simple earthy down-to-earth ‘trencherman’ and not a high-falutin ‘connoisseur’ of ‘fine dining’ food).

This “food guide” was more of a “laundry list” of my favourite eateries – I had walked there – and I had eaten there.

Click the link below to open My Mumbai Food Guide in a new window.

But remember to come back here for my 3 favourite biryanis in Wakad – or maybe it is best for you to read my Trencherman’s ‘Mumbai Food Guide’ later.

Now – coming back to the ‘back of beyond’ Wakad – I have been going on my “food-walks” here too – but mainly to pick up menu cards – since most of the places open later in the evening.

I was tempted to post a similar Trencherman’s “Laundry List” for Wakad – but I desisted from doing so for reasons which are obvious if you read my long-winded incoherent Mumbai Food Guide.

Nowadays – readers have very small spans of attention – and are looking for specific information.

So – I will keep posting “cuisine wise” details of my favourite ‘home-delivery’ foodie places in Wakad – and since taste is a subjective aspect – I will refrain from ‘grading’ or giving “stars”.

Today – let me tell you about my 3 favourite home-delivery Chicken Biryanis in Wakad (phone/mobile numbers in brackets).

Why Chicken Biryani?

Well – ever since I have come to Pune – I avoid Mutton Biryani – because – in general – the quality of mutton in Pune is not that consistent – so I have Mutton Biryani only in certain select places like Dorabjee, Blue Nile, Rashid Khan etc


1. Dum Dumaadum (8087000274/8087000275)

I like their signature “Chicken Matka Dum Biryani” which is cooked in a clay pot and delivered sealed in the clay pot. The mildly spiced ‘Chicken Awadhi Dum Biryani’ is also delicious.

2. Desi Chulha (7030446969/7030666969)

Their ‘chulha cooked’ Chicken Dum Biryani has a unique mint (pudina) flavor and leaves a wonderful aftertaste on the tongue.

3. Eatsome (020-22934341/020-60509080/09325545355)

Eatsome serves 2 Types of Chicken Biryani – Chicken Tikka Biryani (which is reminiscent of the one served at Noorani on Tardeo Road in Mumbai and George on East Street in Pune) and the rather spicy Chicken Bhuna Biryani.

As I said earlier – I am not going to “judge” these Biryanis.

But I will tell you ‘How to Judge a Biryani’ – so whenever you order a Biryani you can ‘evaluate’ it yourself.

Just click the link below and read my foodie article on HOW TO JUDGE A BIRYANI

PS: Dear Fellow Foodie: This evening – during my foodwalk” in Wakad – I may have a quick bite at a place called “Singh Saab Da Burger” – and – of course – I will tell you all about it.


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