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Incoherent Ramblings of a Retired Veteran
A Spoof

In recent times, I have noticed a rather curious verbiage which has entered military jargon and used quite routinely by “faujis” while interacting with the media.

Whenever something goes wrong in the Armed Forces, the standard response of “fauji” Senior Officers is: “This is an aberration”.

This catch-all excuse (aberration) is used widely to cover all sorts of misdemeanors, mishaps and unpleasant incidents involving military personnel including:

1. Scams and Corruption Cases.

2. Scandals like wife swapping, “stealing affections” and other acts of sexual misconduct and moral turpitude.

3. Unethical, Immoral and Criminal Acts.

4. Mishaps and Accidents.

5. Acts of Indiscipline, Misbehavior and Misconduct.

6. Personal Tragedies and Injustices like suicide, delays in payment or non-payment of dues and compensation to disabled soldiers and martyrs’ widows etc.

There is a scam involving senior officers – and pat comes the standard response: – “This is an aberration”.

There are news reports of indiscipline, of Officers and Soldiers getting involved in spats and clashes with each other, or military men indulging in brawls with civilians – and when asked about these acts of indiscipline, misbehavior and misconduct by men in uniform, the “fauji” spokesman says: “These are aberrations”.

From time to time, there appear media reports of various acts of moral turpitude – wife swapping allegations, accusations of stealing affections of brother officers’ wives, allegations of sodomy, sexual offences etc – and we get the same standard response from the Defence Authorities once again – yes, you guessed right: All these acts of moral turpitude are “aberrations”.

A ship sinks, there are mishaps involving submarines, aircrafts crash, there are other accidents involving military weapons and equipment – and we get the standard response: “This is an aberration”.

A soldier commits suicide; a martyr’s widow is made to run from pillar to post for a promised plot of land; a disabled soldier is deprived of his rightful compensation – yes, the authorities have their explanation ready: “This is an aberration”.

Every misdemeanor, every wrongdoing, every mishap, every accident, every lapse is covered by the catch-all term – ABERRATION

Aren’t these ubiquitous “aberrations” becoming a little too frequent?

Can a modern war-fighting system afford to have so many “aberrations”?

Isn’t it high time for the Defence Services to adopt a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE TO ABERRATIONS

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