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From my creative writing archives: 

A short fiction story I wrote 5 few years ago, in early 2010...

A Very Short Story


I am having a quick bite at Quick Bite…! 
Hey, I’m not trying to be funny.

“Quick Bite” is the fast food joint opposite our office complex where we often rush out to have a ‘Quick Bite’. 
I sit at a table for two, concluding my quick bite with a cup of coffee, when I see the office macho-man Raj enter Quick Bite for a quick bite.  

His eyes search for a vacant table but the place is jam-packed.
Raj looks in my direction.

I beckon him to sit on the vacant chair opposite me.   

As Raj settles down I ask him, “All alone…? Where is your girlfriend…?”
“Girlfriend…?” he asks.
“Rita…” I say. 

“Rita is no longer my girlfriend…” Raj says.
"Really?" I interrupt, “Thats great. It is good you dumped Rita. She is a shameless nympho.”

“Rita? Shameless nympho? What are you saying?” Raj asks.  

“Musical Beds  Ha Ha  Musical Beds!” I say, laughing.  

“Musical Beds?” Raj asks.  

“Ha, Ha … That’s what we called her in college … that shameless nympho Rita … we called her Musical Beds … yes, Rita’s nickname was  Musical Beds  just like we play Musical Chairs … Rita plays Musical Beds … but let me tell you Raj … you have done the wisest thing by dumping that shameless nympho Rita...” I say.

Then, I hurriedly gulp down the remains of my coffee.
Raj looks at me with a perplexed expression on his face.

But I am in a hurry, and I have got a lot of work to do.

So I quickly get up, pat his shoulder, and rush back towards my office. 
Suddenly I see Rita talking to my colleague Chanchal near the entrance of the office.

Chanchal waves out and calls me, so I go towards them.

“Hey, you know what?” my chatterbox colleague Chanchal says excitedly the moment I come near them.  

“What?” I ask.

“Rita and Raj got married yesterday. It was a very sudden secret hush-hush affair – parents’ opposition, you know. Thats why they did not tell anybody,” Chanchal says.

“Really?” I ask surprised.

“Yes,” Rita looks at me and says, “I am no longer your friend Raj’s girlfriend. Now I am his wife.” 
With these words, Rita turns around with a flourish, and she walks towards Quick Bite for a quick bite with Raj.

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