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This morning I committed the sacrilege of “grabbing a bite”.
Of late, I have been multitasking while eating.
It is easy to give advice to others, but it is difficult to follow the same advice yourself.
So, I pulled out my Foodie Book APPETITE FOR A STROLL and read what I had written 15 years ago on THE ART OF EATING.
I thought it would be a good idea to post this self help article once more on my blog for you to read.
Happy Eating !!!

Are you in the habit of “grabbing a bite”...?
Do you ever eat in the office while continuing to work or just skip meals altogether...?
Do you multitask while eating...?
Do you have power breakfasts, working lunches and business dinners...?
Do you eat fast and hurriedly, finish meals well ahead of everyone else and eat in bigger bites without savoring the taste of food...? 
Can you vividly recall the taste of all the dishes you ate during your last meal? 
Do you eat when you eat...?
Do you want to master the Art of Eating and learn how to enjoy your food...?
Remember, there is no love greater than the love of eating – so read on, learn and try to master the Art of Eating...  
Good food must be savored delicately; slowly, attentively and respectfully; in a befitting manner, with finesse and technique, with relish and appreciation and you will experience true gustatory delight.
That’s the essence of the Art of Eating.  
It is sacrilege to eat in a ravenous and rapacious manner.
Never eat when tired, angry, worried, tense, hurried, and at mealtimes refuse to think or talk about unpleasant subjects.  
It is best to eat alone, mindfully, with yourself, in glorious solitude, in a calm, serene, conducive and unhurried environment.
If you must have company, you must always eat with friendly, relaxed and tranquil people who love food and whose company you enjoy; never eat with “toxic”, “harried” or “stressed-out” people or in a tense or hurried atmosphere.  
If you want to do full justice to good food, you must build up an appetite for it – merely being hungry is not enough.
And the first step towards building up an appetite for good food is to think about it – simulated imaginative gustatory visualization to stimulate and prepare yourself for the sumptuous indulgence.
An important thing we were taught at boarding school was to read the menu and prepare for the meal by beginning to imagine relishing each and every dish, from soup to pudding, in our mind’s eye.  
Remember: First plan your “eat” and then eat your “plan
It is true.
I eat my food twice. Yes, I  EAT MY FOOD TWICE.
First I eat in my mind’s eye – imagining, visualizing, “vicariously tasting”, fantasizing, strategizing on how I am going to savor and relish the dish to my utmost pleasure and satisfaction till my mouth waters and I desperately yearn to eat it.
And then I do the honours – actually go ahead and physically eat it and enjoy the delightful experience.
That is what you must do - EAT YOUR FOOD TWICE - first taste the food in your mind and then relish the food on your tongue.  
Eating is not a gustatory experience alone; it is visual and olfactory as well.
Food must look good, smell good, taste good and, most importantly, food must make you feel good.
The Art of Eating – a Holistic, Multidimensional experience, encompassing all domains of your inner being.
Eat in silence. Mindfully. With full awareness.
Savour the aroma, delicately place the food on your tongue, chew slowly and experience the variety of flavours as the permeate your taste buds, fully aware and sense the nourishment as the food dissolves and sinks deep within you.
Chew your food to a pulp or milky liquid until it practically swallows itself.
Never mix food and drink – alcohol dulls the taste buds, and olfactory sensation, and encumbers the unmitigated enjoyment of good food.  
You must always close your eyes during the process of eating.
When you eat, you must eat. 
Do nothing else while eating. 
No seeing, no hearing, no talking. 
No multitasking. 
That’s right – you must never multitask while eating.
Just eat.
Yes - when you eat, just eat.

Focus all your senses on your food, eat mindfully, meditatively, and you will attain a state of delightful bliss and happiness.  
It is simple. Very simple.

Create a positive eating atmosphere, an environment of happy conducive vibes, honour your taste buds, respect your food and eat it in a proper state of mind, with love, zest, awareness and genuine appreciation and it will transport you to a state of bliss and happiness.
Remember: There is no love greater than the love of eating.  
In a nutshell, this is the Art of Eating 

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