Thursday, December 18, 2014



I had taught Sherry to fetch the Newspaper and bring it to me inside the house.

Every morning Sherry would wait at the compound gate of our bungalow for the newspaper boy.

The newspaper boy would put the newspaper in her mouth.

Then Sherry would get the newspaper to me and I would give her a treat.

She did this every morning in our bungalow in Aundh Camp, and later in our bungalow in DIAT Girinagar Khadakwasla, in Pune.

Suppose, by rare chance, we were not at home, Sherry would dig a hole in the garden, bury the newspaper, and cover it up. 

When we came back, we had to coax her to dig out the newspaper from wherever she had 
carefully hidden the newspaper for safe custody.

Sometimes she would dig out an old newspaper 
 yes, once she dug out a newspaper she had buried a month ago. 

Once I thought the newspaper boy had not delivered the newspaper, so I went to the newspaper shop and complained.

But the newspaper boy pointed towards Sherry and said to the owner: 
I gave it to Sherry  ask her.

We came home and asked Sherry to find the newspaper - and sure enough she sniffed around and dug the newspaper out.

Here is a picture, taken in 6 years ago in Dec 2008, of Sherry fetching the newspaper in our DIAT Girinagar Khadakwasla bungalow:

                           Sherry Fetching the Newspaper

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