Tuesday, December 16, 2014


A Story

16 December.

Vijay Diwas.

Victory Day.

[Vijay Diwas (Victory Day) is commemorated every 16 December in India to mark India’s Military Victory over Pakistan in 1971 during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971]

On December 16, Vijay Diwas, there was a big celebration in the school – like every year.

Everyone, teachers and students, were enthused with patriotic spirit.

Jingoism was in the air.

Students sung patriotic songs.

The School Principal spoke about the significance of “Vijay Diwas”.

The Chief Guest, the newly appointed School Superintendent, gave a rousing speech about the bravery of our soldiers.

After the function, the School Superintendent had a cup of tea with the Teachers.

“You told me that there were 18 teachers in your school, but I can see that only 17 present,” the School Superintendent asked the Principal.

“Mohini Madam is absent,” the Principal said.

“Most unpatriotic of her to be absent on Vijay Diwas – you ask her for an explanation and forward it to me,” the School Superintendent told the Principal.

“Sir – actually Mohini Madam is a war widow – her husband was a soldier in the army – he was martyred in the 1971 war – he died fighting on the last day of the war – he was killed on 16 Dec 1971 – just before ‘cease fire’ …” the Principal said.

“Oh – I’m sorry to hear that,” the School Superintendent said.

“Sir – not only that – she was newly married – just 21 years old – and pregnant – when her husband laid down his life for the nation in the 1971 war. Though widowed at such an early age, she did not remarry, but brought up her son. Then her son joined the army as an officer – and he was killed while fighting terrorists in his very first year in the army. Now Mohini Madam is all alone – she is 64 and will be retiring next year…”

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