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“HOUSE” vs “HOME” – How to Transform Your Beautiful House into a Happy Home

“HOUSE” vs “HOME”  –  How to Transform Your Beautiful House into a Happy Home


Is your HOUSE a HOME” ?

Do you know the difference between a House and a Home?


A house is an inanimate structure, whereas a home is a place you live in. 

A house is a tangible entity – it is an unsentimental structure which does not have any emotion.

A house can have aesthetic value, it can have market value, but it has no emotional value – but a home radiates emotions and has sentimental value.

Your house can be beautiful – but it cannot be loving – whereas your home can love you.

You can rent out your house – you will feel no qualms about renting out your house to tenants – or even selling it off to a stranger – especially if you have bought the house as an investment.

But you will never rent out or sell your home – and even if you are forced by circumstances to do so, you will feel very bad about it.

You will treat your house as “property” or “real estate”  as a “thing you will not have any feelings for your house – but you will feel an emotional attachment towards your home.

Your house may appreciate in monetary value – but your home will appreciate in sentimental value.

Your house” belongs to you – but you belong” to your home – and, yes, you too have a sense of belonging towards your home. 


A home comprises both the animate and inanimate and includes both tangibles and intangible attributes

You have to live in a house to make it a home

But that is not enough. 

There two vital attributes which epitomize a home: 

1. Firstly, you must always feel like going home

Yes, you must feel happy to be in your home. Your home must the best place in the world for you

2. Secondly, your home must always heartily welcome you

Your home must also feel happy when you are home. 

Whenever you come home you must get a feeling that your home is welcoming you and is happy that you have come home. 

Your home always wants you to come home and your home feels happy when you are inside your home.


If you have a Happy Home, you will be able feel these two types of positive vibes:

1. When you arrive at your home, your home always welcomes you with open arms and your home always wants you to be there at home.

2. You yourself feel welcome in your home and for you your home is the best place in the world. You love being at home than anywhere else. 


In a nutshell, the two tests of a HAPPY HOME are:

1. You must be happy in your home 

2. Your home must be happy to have you at home.


A home comprises the following:

1. Tangible things like a house, furniture, décor,  appliances, humans (like family, relatives, other people) and other living beings like pets (yes, in addition to the people living in your house, even pets are a part of your home)


2. Intangibles like emotions and vibes and atmosphere


A good home generates positive vibes in you


You in turn generate positive vibes inside your home 

Your home should be the best place in the world.


Some people are not so lucky. 

They hate going home. 

Yes, I have actually seen some people who do not want to go home.

And probably their homes too do not welcome them and hate them coming home. 

Some unfortunate people are not happy in their homes


Their homes too are not happy to have them come home 

It is mutual dislike: 

You hate your home and your home hates you.

Such people who have unhappy homes find solace outside their homes and try to avoid going home except for the minimum inescapable time

Some become workaholics and prefer remaining in office for long hours rather than go home early.

Some hang around drinking in bars and drowning their sorrows.

Some hang out with friends and colleagues.

Some indulge in frequent partying and socializing as this keeps them away from their homes.

Some immerse themselves in outdoor activities.

Some travel a lot to escape from their home.

Some find other escape routes to remain outside their home for as long as possible. 

By the way, if you love to drink and if you love your home too, you will know that the best place to have a drink is in your own home

During my drinking days, since I always loved my home, I always preferred enjoying my drinks at home rather than drinking in some bar or club

I once knew a man who, after work, used to go to his club and drink there with his friends and come home drunk at midnight when everyone in his family was asleep

Surprisingly, his wife and children preferred it that way too. 

Obviously, he hated his home and his home hated him too.

In fact, in many cases I have seen that a father or some person in the family generates so much negative vibes in his home that the other members of the family feel uncomfortable when he is home. 

Yes, just one person generating negative vibes can destroy the entire atmosphere in a home.

Now, mostly in the case of such a person, his home too generates negative vibes towards him so too he prefers being outside as he too does not find it a Happy Home. 

Negative vibes in a home can happen due to conflict between family members or stressful relationships. 

Negative vibes can also occur in a home due to some other factors like a gloomy or demoralizing atmosphere caused by illness, poverty or misfortune.


Ask yourself: 

Do you have a HAPPY HOME ?

If the answer is NO then find out why is it so

Is it due to some toxic person living in the house? 

Or is it due to some other reason.

Do you not feel like going to your home? 

Does your home generate negative vibes towards you?

For you, is your home the best place in the world? 

Or is it not?

Do you find some other place like your office or your favourite place to hang out a much better place than your home? 

Are you more comfortable outside your home than inside your home?

Or do you feel that your home does not welcome you or like you to come home? 

Does your home generate negative vibes towards you when you come home?

Do you feel that you generate negative vibes in your home environment whenever you enter your home?

Once you have found out the reasons you must do something about it and correct matters. 

Yes, you must try to mitigate the sources of negative vibes and enhance the happiness vibes

Then, you will have a HAPPY HOME and, for you, your Home will be the best place in the world.

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