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Two Weddings and Two Marriages – A Story

A Story of Two Weddings and Two Marriages
Short Fiction Story

Part 1 – WEDDING

May 2012

I attended Two Weddings during the “Wedding Season”.

In both the weddings – the brides were daughters of my classmates.

Wedding No. 1 was a grand lavish affair in a luxurious 5 Star Resort – full of extravagance and lavishness – and the opulent wedding ceremonies, magnificent events and sumptuous feasts (with the best food and drink) were spread over 3 days.

In a nutshell – Wedding No. 1 was a “status” wedding.

Wedding No. 2 was a simple affair – the girl and boy had a registered marriage in the registrar’s office – and held a simple reception in a modest hall for their close friends and relatives.

In a nutshell – Wedding No. 2 was a “minimalist” wedding.



May 2015

I visited my classmates (fathers of the brides in Wedding Nos. 1 and 2 mentioned above)

Marriage No. 1 (from the Grand Wedding) had broken up.

The couple was divorced – it was a bitter relationship – resulting in a failed marriage – which ended in a nasty divorce. 

In a nutshell – The grand “status” wedding resulted in a failed marriage.

Marriage No. 2 (from the Simple Wedding) was going strong.

In fact – the couple looked so absolutely “much married” – that it was obvious that this successful marriage was going to be an everlasting harmonious relationship.

In a nutshell – The simple “minimalist” wedding blossomed into a successful marriage.


A “Grand Wedding” does not guarantee a “Happy Marriage”

In fact  there are many examples where grand weddings have ended up as failed marriages – especially among celebrities.

“wedding” is a short-lived public event.

A “marriage” is a long-term private relationship.

Surprisingly – some people focus more on the “wedding” (a public event)  than on the “marriage” (a private commitment).

Many “rich and famous” people hire “Wedding Planners”.

But – have you seen anyone hire a “Marriage Planner”…?

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