Sunday, March 27, 2016

Morning “Routine”

Slice of Life Story

This morning – at around 7 AM – I was on my morning walk – when – I saw an elderly man standing on the side of the road.

The old man was wearing spotless white Kurta-Pyjama and a clean freshly starched white “Gandhi Topi” Cap (which is common local attire

The elderly man was carrying a walking stick.

The way he was tapping the walking stick – it seemed that he was having difficulty crossing the road.

I decided to help the man cross the road.

When I went closer – I noticed than the man was wearing thick spectacles – and it appeared that he could hardly see anything – maybe – he was visually impaired . 

I helped the man cross the road.

I asked the old man where he was going – as I wanted to escort the old man to his destination – but the man politely declined my assistance.

The old man said to me that he was going nearby – and that he knew the way to his destination  since he walked on this route every morning.

However – I followed him – since I was apprehensive of his safety (since he was near-blind) – and – I was also curious to know where this elderly man was going so early in the morning.

Believe it or not – his “destination” was the “Country Liquor Bar”.

Yes – the elderly man in spotlessly white clothes and cap walked down the road – straight to the “Country Liquor Booze Shop”.

(I have noticed that Country Liquor Shops/Bars open early in the morning and close past midnight – and there are “patrons” flocking these bars for booze at all times of the day and night – from the “crack of dawn” to the “wee hours past midnight”)

I watched the old man effortlessly negotiate his way into the Country Liquor Bar.

Remember – he had told me – this was his route and destination every morning – and he seemed to be familiar with the place.

I smiled to myself at the “morning routine” of the elderly man.

Soon – like many other “patrons” of the Country Liquor Bar – he would probably pass out “dead drunk” in the lane next to the Booze Shop – and – then – a few hours later – he would wake up and walk home – or maybe – go into the Country Liquor Bar once again for another “Quarter”… 

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