Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Navy Style “Out of the Box” Thinking : Humor Out of Uniform

Humor Out of Uniform 

Navy Style “Out of the Box” Thinking

In Pune  for Military Veterans  many unit CSD canteens do not honour the CSD Card for Liquor Quota  for which you have to go all the way to Southern Command Canteen or Sub Area Canteen in Pune Cantonment  or else  you have to get a Station Order issued for drawing your liquor quota from a specified unit CSD canteen only. 

At a recent get-together  a Navy Veteran – a course-mate of mine (who lives in the Western Suburbs of Pune) was asked: “From where do you draw your CSD Liquor quota.

He said: 

I collect my Liquor Quota from the Khadki Military Hospital (MH) CSD Canteen.

We were surprised - so he explained the rationale: 

Whenever I go for some Medical Problem to ECHS in Khadki Military Hospital  I use the opportunity to collect my Liquor Quota as well.

Now - isnt that Navy Style out of the box thinking...?

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