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CORRUPTION MADE SIMPLE - A Mathematical Formula for Corruption




One morning while browsing through my old diaries I chanced upon something interesting – a formula for corruption told to me by one of my colleagues long back which I had jotted down in my diary.

Corruption = Monopoly + Discretion – Accountability

Or simply put:

C = M + D – A


Corruption (C) equals Monopoly Power (M) plus Discretionary Power (D) minus Accountability (A)
I had posted this earlier in my blog.
After observing the proliferating corruption and scams, I thought about it and realized that I had missed out one very important aspect - TRANSPARENCY.
Yes, I feel that TRANSPARENCY can help reduce corruption especially in this age of Information Technology and Internet.
So here is my revised formula for CORRUPTION
Corruption = Monopoly + Discretion – Accountability – Transparency

Or simply put:

C = M + D – A – T


Corruption (C) equals Monopoly Power (M) plus Discretionary Power (D) minus Accountability (A) minus Transparency (T)

Do have a look around and see for yourself whether this formula is really applicable. 

Or would you like to add some are other factors too which contribute to corruption?


Going by this formula, it seems to be very easy to reduce corruption, isn't it? 

In order to reduce corruption, you simply have to:

1. Reduce Monopoly (by increasing competition)
2. Eliminate Discretionary Powers to give or to withhold largess (by fair and participatory decision making) 

3. Fix precise and proper Accountability (by proper rules and regulations)

4. Ensure Total Transparency (especially thorough widespread use of Information Technology).

If it is indeed so simple to control corruption, then why don't we do it?


The reason why no one wants to control corruption is quite clear.

Most people, especially the powers-that-be benefit from corruption.

In fact, a large section of society, so many people, thrive on corruption.

And nowadays there is no social stigma attached to corruption.

If you look around, you will observe that so many corrupt persons who are involved in scams and amassed huge amounts of wealth seem to have a respectable place in society and enjoy great social status.

This is because in the present-day social scenario, it is the triumvirate your PowerWealth and Fame which determine your status in society.

In today's world, things like honesty, integrity and character will not earn you much respect. 

In fact, you may be dubbed a fool if you are honest and straightforward.

So many people benefit from corruption. 

So why should anyone want to eliminate corruption?

Think about it.

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