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WHAT IS BREAD - Wit and Humor


An Apocryphal Mulla Nasrudin Story

All the seven ministers of the King accused the court jester and wise man Mulla Nasrudin of talking nonsense under the guise of imparting wisdom.

So the King summoned Mulla Nasrudin to the Darbar and asked for an explanation.
Your Excellency, Nasrudin pleaded before the King, Please permit me to ask just one question to your seven wise ministers. I want them to write the answer on a piece of paper and then give it to you.

Have paper and pens brought, said the King.

Paper and pens were brought and distributed to the seven ministers.

Mulla Nasrudin looked at the seven ministers and said:

O wise men, each of you please write the answer to this simple question on the paper and give it to the king: 


The seven ministers all wrote their answers and the papers were handed to the King.

The king read out the answers one by one:

The first wrote: Bread is Food

The second said: Bread is a combination of flour and water exposed to the heat of a fire

The third wrote: Bread is a gift from God

The fourth wrote: A punishment food served in prisons with water like bread and water

The fifth wrote: There are so many kinds of bread. Which one do you mean?

The sixth wrote: Bread is a Nutritious Staple Food

The seventh minister wrote: Full of calories, bread is bad for health and best not eaten

On hearing these answers Mulla Nasrudin submitted to the king, 
Your Majesty, how can you trust these men? Is it not laughable that they cannot make sense of something they eat every day, yet they are unanimous that I talk nonsense…!

Dear Reader, now I am confused. 

Please tell me your definition of BREAD.

What is the moral of this story?

You tell me.

I will give you a hint: What is a house?” - a home, a shelter, a place to live in, an investment, a status symbol, an aesthetic structure, a thing of beauty ... a house is so many things to so many people,

It is the same with other things, tangible (like say a car), or even intangible, like marriage - a marriage may mean different things to different people - for some marriage may mean happiness, companionship, security and for some marriage may be a traumatic relationship and for others marriage may be a business proposition.

The actual entity in ground reality may be the same, but each of us have different paradigms in our mind of the way in which we view that entity through the lenses of our mental filters.

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