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PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE - Better Proactive than Reactive
A Teaching Story

Though the powers-that-be keep mouthing platitudes about “zero tolerance to corruption”  but we see that in actual practice corruption is flourishing unabated.

Everyone turns a blind eye and lets corruption take place. 

Then when a tragedy takes place as a result of corruption or a scam is uncovered, everyone goes into overdrive. 

It seems that the focus is on investigation rather than prevention of corruption.

We have all learnt the simple adage in school: “Prevention is better than cure”.

Is it not better to prevent corruption from happening in the first place?

Or is it better to let corruption happen and then, when something untoward takes place due to the corruption, everyone runs around in circles trying to cover up things and try to fix the damage when it is too late?

Well, here is some ancient wisdom – one of my favourite Mulla Nasrudin stories which exemplifies implementation of the famous idiom – PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. 

Maybe the metaphor in this story gives a cue to be more proactive than reactive ...

A visitor was talking to Mulla Nasrudin under the village tree.

It was a hot summer afternoon and the visitor felt thirsty and asked for some water to drink.

Mulla Nasrudin called a small boy and told him to get water from the well.

He gave the small boy an earthenware pot to get the water.

Mulla Nasrudin looked into the eyes of the small boy and told the boy firmly: “Be careful. Make sure you don’t break the pot.” 

The moment he finished uttering these words, Mulla Nasrudin swiftly lifted his hand and gave the small boy a tight slap on his face.

The shocked visitor asked Nasrudin, "Why did you hit the boy? How can you punish someone who hasn’t done anything wrong?"

“Because, you fool,” said Nasrudin, “what is the point of punishing the boy after he broke the pot...? ”

The symbolic slap expresses metaphorically the Moral of the Story:

Preventive Action is always more effective than Corrective Action and it is wise to be proactive than to be reactive

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Saru Singhal said...

He made his point. Prevention is better than cure. As you said we just want to punish the guilty rather than eliminating the root cause.

Vineel said...

Need some severe punishing laws, people finding new ways to escape rather than getting scared, why this cbi should be under leading political party?