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Never try to touch an unknown dog. Especially do not try to put your hand on the dog’s head. Do not “invade” the dog’s personal space. Never try to pet an unknown dog.

When meeting a new dog, let the dog to come to you, explore you and smell you. Let the dog sniff your hand. Do not be stiff but let your body be relaxed.

Do not try to hug or caress or cuddle an unknown dog or get too close to the dog’s face. 

Observe the dog’s body language.

An aggressive dog will show specific warning signs before attacking you:

1.  Raised Hackles with Stiff Tail (observe the standing hair on the dog’s back and the Stiff Upright Tail which may have a slight rigid wag)
2. Growling Sound
3. Bared Teeth

Do not run away or back off from an aggressive dog. Hold your ground but do not make eye contact – just ignore the dog and look elsewhere as if you are not bothered. Do not give an indication to the dog that you are frightened – just show that you are indifferent and ignore the dog. Unless it is a rabid dog or a volatile mentally disturbed dog with neurotic behavioural problems, after some time, the dog’s aggression will go away.

A Fearful Scared Dog may also bite you due to protective instinct.

Such a frightened dog will have his tail down between its legs and will show you his bared teeth. Remember that such dogs are afraid of you and will bite only if they feel threatened that you are likely to attack them or harm them. So the best thing is to move away from the dog.

Do not disturb a dog when the dog is eating or sleeping. The dog may bite you out of reflex action.

Do not go near a female dog feeding her puppies.  She will be protective and may try to attack you.

Never leave a dog, especially an unknown dog, with your small children. Children may inadvertently hurt the dog while playing which may entail a nip or bite from the dog.

If a dog is injured and not letting you come near by growling or show of aggression, do not try to touch the injured dog. Call a veterinary doctor for help.

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