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The best thing about Wakad is the beautiful view from my house, the eye-soothing spectacle of the resplendent Mula River Valley, the serene green expanse and the verdant hills in the distance, with the mighty sentinel Sinhagad just visible quite far away. However, a breathtaking view will not fill your stomach and this afternoon I was hungry. Now if you are hungry you better not be in Wakad. There are just no decent affordable eateries in Wakad, except the New Poona Bakery NPB Food Square, but then I was in no mood to drive down there, though the place is quite nearby and has a good variety of food and snacks, both veg and non-veg, and desserts and ice creams too. I did not want to order a pizza or burger, which are the only home delivery options out here in the wilderness.

I was wondering whether I should warm up my staple NTR Veg Biryani in the microwave when I suddenly remembered that a PYT Techie who lives in my building had once given me a home delivery menu card of a place in Hinjewadi called Indian in a Box (Yes, there are PYT’s in IT and my building has so many of them, besides the geeks, nerds and dorks) .

INDIAN IN A BOX – we take your taste buds far off imagination, said the blurb on the takeaway menu card. The contents of the menu were not very exciting, just a few Indian and “Chinese” dishes, so I played safe, dialled their number and ordered a FAVOURITE CHICKEN BOX comprising (as the menu said) Aloo Tuk Tuk + Chicken Tikka Masala + Laccha Paratha. 

The food arrived promptly and was really good. The aloo tikkis were yummy, the chicken tikka gravy was delicious and the Parathas were quite soft and tasty. I liked the packing – neat, hygienic and microwaveable – and for Rs. 129/- it was indeed a value-for-money meal. A simple yet scrumptious, satisfying, affordable meal.

Well, I think they must skip the “aloo tuk tuk” starters and include a bit of pulao instead to embellish and complete the meal.

Now that I have an option (to pizzas and burgers) I am going to patronize Indian in a Box whenever I am lonely and hungry in Wakad and want to order a home delivery meal, or maybe when my forever-hungry daughter or my friends suddenly land up. I’ll try their Biryani, Wraps, the Tandoori and Butter Chicken, some vegetarian curries for my wife, and if I am feeling adventurous I’ll order some “Chinese – Made in India” as the menu card says.

If you live in Wakad or work in Hinjewadi, I am sure you have tried the place, so why don’t you tell us your experience, or about some other good foodie joints nearby.

Happy Eating


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