Friday, July 29, 2011




How to train your Naughty Puppy and make it a Good Dog

1. Do not punish your puppy. Punishment teaches a dog only one thing – how to avoid punishment. So, instead of beating or scolding your puppy, teach the puppy what to do, what is the appropriate behaviour you expect of your pet, and reward the puppy when it listens to you both by treats and caressing it lovingly saying “good dog”.

2. Do not have unrealistic expectations of your puppy – after all he is a dog. Have reasonable standards and train your puppy lovingly and patiently. Remember there are breed to breed differences in intelligence and adaptability to training and obedience too.

3. Do not leave your puppy alone, especially when he is small. Never tie up a small puppy or lock him up in a crate. Remember that a small puppy loves human company and hates to be left alone. (Will you leave your human baby all alone in your house or lock the baby up in a cage…?).Raising a puppy properly takes time, love, patience and commitment. If you are very busy and do not have enough time to devote towards bringing up your dog then please don't get a puppy into your family. All members of your family must love dogs and be commited towards devoting time and love towards the dog and his upbringing and care.

4. Do not keep your pup indoors all the time and keep him completely isolated from the outside world. Take the puppy outdoors regularly for walks and play. Let your puppy interact with other humans and other dogs and animals, socialise, learn to play, get a bit rough and tough, fight it out, develop immunity and courageous spirit.

Follow these tips and spend maximum time with your puppy, talk to your dog regularly, train, play games and lovingly caress your puppy. 

The ideal time to get a puppy into your home is when he is three weeks old and you must totally focus on the development of your puppy till he is about six months old. 

Training your puppy and watching his antics as he grows up will be a rewarding and happy experience and you will transform your cute puppy into a good dog who will be a joy forever. 

Remember Good Dogs don’t just happenyou have to make them happen…!

(NB – If you have a female puppy, for “he” read “she”… By the way, I prefer female dogs – they are more loving, intelligent and loyal – like my darling Sherry who you can see in the picture with me…)



katy said...

Nice tips, thank for your share..;)

Vikram Waman Karve said...

I am glad you liked the tips Katy