Friday, July 8, 2011


A Teaching Story

A wise man, a renowned teacher, once publicly vowed that he would eradicate illiteracy and he would teach everyone to read.

Some mischievous boys brought a donkey to the teacher and asked him if he could teach the donkey to read.

The wise teacher stunned the students by taking up the challenge and said, “Give me the donkey for a month and I will teach it to read.”

The teacher went home and began to train his donkey to read. 

At first he put the donkey into the stable and gave him no food for some days. 

Then he found a thick book and put some food between the pages. 

In the beginning the teacher turned the pages and gave the donkey the food between the pages.

After a while the donkey learnt to turn the pages with his tongue to find and eat the food by itself. 

Each time when the donkey finished the book and found no more food between the pages it would bray: “Eee aah... Eee aah...Eee aah...”

Then the teacher would reward the donkey with some food.

Three days before the one month period was over the teacher stopped feeding the donkey.

For three full days he did not feed the donkey.

The poor starved and famished donkey, after fasting for three days without a morsel of food, was voraciously hungry.

On the fateful day when the whole school assembled to see the miracle of the donkey reading. 

The wise teacher brought the ravenously hungry donkey onto the stage. 

He asked for a big book and put it in front of the donkey.

The hungry donkey turned the first page of the book with its tongue and when it could not find any food the donkey brayed: “Eee aah... Eee aah...” 

Then the donkey turned one more page, and again not finding any food, it cried: “Eee aah... Eee aah...”

The famished donkey kept turning the pages of the book one by one with its tongue and when it could not find any food between the pages its braying grew louder and louder and soon the hapless donkey was turning the pages and shrieking in a loud voice: “Eee aah... Eee aah...” till it reached a crescendo.

Proud of his achievement the wise teacher gave a said to the gathering: “You all have seen that the donkey has turned the pages of the book and he read it.”

One of the naughty students asked: “But we could not understand anything.”

The wise teacher replied: “Of course you could not understand what the donkey read because it was donkey language. In order to understand it you have to learn donkey language. Come to me for tuition in the evening. I will teach you donkey language.”

Moral of the Story

If you want to communicate with a "donkey", you have to learn "donkey language". 


PS - I always remember this story while training my pet dog Sherry. In fact, not only have I learnt her "dog language" but I have taught her my "human language" too. Yes, I will tell you how I did it sometime later in my blog. 


Ramesh Sood said...

I am so happy to be here, Vikram.. sheer coincidence.. wrote Creative Writing in Pune...and got your page.. beautiful story this.. had I read it earlier would be a wiser man today.. was looking for the ways to make a living through creative writing.. that's why came to google.. perhpaps the thought came because I had to get connected with you.. well I am also based in Pune... at Kothrud..

I invite you to visit my webpage that I started in Novemebr 2009.. have been able to place my 300th post yesterday.. write poetry as it just comes.. and I enjoy it.. hope you will too.. God bless!!! It will be a pleasure meeting you some time.. but hey, dogs, scare me..

Have been in training for 17 years.. exploring avenues..

Vikram Waman Karve said...

@ Ramesh - I did visit your webpage and really liked it and am going to be a regular reader.
I love Haikus too. Yes, we must meet soon and exchange views.